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Why I hate Kids

Posted on: January 9, 2010

I say this tongue in cheek….but sometimes not really. I have a 17 year old son and of course I would die for the darn kid, but there are times that I just wonder how I made it through adolescence alive.

However, todays blog is about my husbands daughter. Let me set this up for ya. I have one kid named Jesse. He has 3 kids. Youngest one was still living here at home. Her name is Jessie. Confused yet? She has lived with her boyfriend and then had to come back here just before I was due to arrive. She has already dumped one dog off on my husband. A chu hooa hooa..cause I can’t spell the right name. While she was living at boyfriends, she gets a half choc lab/pitbull mix named Charlie. Obvious issues with the boyfriends mom, cause now she’s home with the dog. He’s a sweet mutt, bout a year old. But she doesn’t take care of him. WE DO. I moved here with the intentions of having less stress and responsibilities. That’s why I quit both of my jobs in Ohio, uprooted my son and my dog (a very well disciplined dog…small) and came here. Not to babysit someone elses 2 dogs plus mine. The daughter was 12 when my husband and his ex divorced. She lived with him…need I say more? He spoiled this kid rotten. She gets good grades, and works parttime. Spends all of her money on herself and boyfriend (who also spends the night here and eats the food that hubby and I buy), but leaves this poor dog locked in her bedroom. Which of course now smells to hell and back and he’s chewed the doors up, and has eaten the carpet from in front of the door, and stands there and cries and drools all over the place. I love animals and won’t see one suffer, so I take him out. She breezes in and plays with him every couple of days. See, now she can spend the night at the boyfriends again since the dog isn’t there anymore. Still following?

It finally comes to a head. I knew that having 2 females in the house would eventually cause a ruckus, but I tried my best to avoid it. Other night, she deliberately does something to push my buttons again and I go off. She calls the cops. Everything finally settles down. She grabs her stuff and goes to boyfriends. That was last sunday. Haven’t seen her since. Guess whose takin care of the dog? You got it. I should also mention that the husband told her repeatedly that the dog had to go. Starting 3 months or more ago. She needed to find him a home. But she never did. Well, the ex finally steps up to the plate and runs an ad on craigslist. We do the follow up. Find a great guy to take the dog and he comes by. We check him out, he feels right, and we let the dog go. Now the husband feels bad, cries alittle which I understand, Charlie was a loveable mutt. But we want to go ride the Harley and this dog needs room to run. This guy has it all and they are good together. Now the ex is sending nasty texts and the daughter turns 18 today. Says she is gonna move out…which I hope is true. I can hardly wait to clean that cesspool called her room. She’s called her dad and me every name in the book and it breaks my heart to see him so sad.

Anyway… that’s the rant for today. There’s a biggie coming tomorrow that will start a shit storm of epic proportions.

Batten down the hatches…..


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