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The Lifestyle is like………Ebay

Posted on: January 14, 2010

That may seem like a strange title, but I think you’ll understand (hopefully) by the end of this post.

I’ve been on ebay for many years. It would be safe to say that between the buying and selling that I’ve done there, I have spent/made tens of thousands of dollars. I enjoy it. I like finding bargains, I like the thrill of bidding on things..but mostly I like winning the auction. When I see something I like, I will watch it. And then, when the bidding time is about to end, I try to swoop in and get the item for the best price I can….AND beat the other person out of it. There have been a couple of times that I’ve been beat out, and a couple of times that the sellers that I’ve dealt with have misrepresented their item.  But for the most part, I have been happy with the results. And I’ve made a few bucks myself.

Now if you aren’t familiar with ebay there is only one part of it that I’m going to explain here. And that’s the feedback score. After you make an ID on ebay and you start to buy or sell, you will start to see a number beside your ID. And a percentage number. What this means, is that if you BUY an item, and you pay for it promptly, and the seller receives notification that you have paid quickly….he or she will leave you Positive Feedback. And one positive feedback score means that you are one for one…or you have 100% positive feedback. If you list and SELL an item, and you have represented it properly, and shipped it in a timely manner to the person that bought/won the auction, and they are pleased with it when they get it…they will leave you a positive feedback. Are you still with me?  LOL  So, the number next to your ID name will tell how ethical you are as an ebayer. It’s just one percentage number for all the transactions that you have, whether as a buyer or a seller. I  have a 241 feedback…or 100% positive feedback. That means, I have paid promptly as a buyer, and people have been pleased with what I have sold them. And I think that score tells a lot about the person behind it. If you will work with people to make a transaction go as smoothly as it can…and there will be problems sometimes….then most people, unless they are total assholes, will be happy to buy from you or sell to you again and again.

How does this relate to the Lifestyle you may ask. If you have a profile on a lifestyle website….how well does it represent you? Are your pictures a good representation of what you look like now? (now being relative….a year or so doesn’t make that much difference in most folks unless they’ve had a life altering surgery or misfortune happen to them) Do you say what you mean and want in your profile? Can someone read it and know pretty quickly if they would like to get to know you? Are you willing to work with folks in regards to scheduling a meeting time or place? Or does it have to be when it’s convenient just for you?

What kind of a feedback score would you get if asked by others that have met you? It might be interesting to ask ourselves that. Because we are judged by what others may say. Sometimes a bad situation that isn’t taken care of in a timely manner can fester and turn into something bigger than it needed to be. If you couldn’t meet someone, did you call? Did you let them know? If you have old pictures on your profile, did you send newer more recent ones before you were to meet someone, so that they would know who you were? Or did you get your feelings hurt when you showed up and they decided to cancel the meeting? And did you take it out on them when the misrepresentation was really on your end?  So, what kind of score would you get? And are you fair with the feedback that you give others? Do you lie about a person because you may have had a bad experience and you don’t want anyone else to give them a chance? How far would you go to ruin someone’s reputation….their feedback?

This lifestyle is a wonderfully fun and diverse place to call one of our “hobbies”. It’s a lifestyle though….not a life. In life, you have to remember to be true to people. Keep your word, take care of your family and be good to your friends. Don’t let your “hobby” get in the way of doing what you should. Always take the high ground, try to help others if you can, work out differences and be a good role model for our children. If we all do that….we will always have 100% Positive Feedback !!!

Have a great day


2 Responses to "The Lifestyle is like………Ebay"

Just trying to track you down for an update. Fell like Cinderella…all forgotten and ignored while evrybody else goes to the ball.

Just call me Cindy… 😉

Well, “Cindy”…… I can see that lip stuck out right now…LOL I shall write to you…POST HASTE. You must come and visit me here in Florida. Just bring your private jet. I thought of you just a few minutes ago while sitting outside looking at my Pink Flamingo on the spring !!! Kisses StarBaby

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