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Break a Leg !!! Shine On !!!!

Posted on: January 18, 2010

My son got his first job yesterday. He will start sometime this week. He’s always had a flair for the dramatics and this job will be a good one for him. I was quite proud of him in the seventh grade when he had the lead role in “The Lion King “at his school. And now, he will be starring as”Lady Liberty”. That’s right, he will be one of those goofy kids that Liberty Tax Service employs during tax season to stand on the side of the road, dressed in a green toga, and headgear, holding a sign directing traffic in to get their taxes prepared.

I had worried that his first job might be in fast food…like mine was. They generally put the boys in the back of the house to do general maintenance and I had worried about him falling into a vat of hot french fry oil. Now, all I have to worry about is him goofing off too much and falling into traffic..haha.

As I thought about all the jobs that I’ve had in my life I caught myself thinking about all the people that I’ve met. And all the young people that I’ve had working for me over the years. When I was a manager in food service I tried to instill in my wait staff that they were not responsible for the quality of the food that they served to people. However, they WERE responsible for the presentation of that food. And handling a case of the food not being prepared to the customers liking. If you serve someone shoe leather, and you do it properly, the customer will enjoy it because of you. The greatest meal in the world can be spoiled by someone who acts like they are doing you a favor by waiting on you. Most problems can be corrected if there is a line of communication that stays open. And that is true in all aspects of life.

It’s a natural law that says that you can not sit at the cool kids’ table forever. Sooner or later, someone will come along that has something to offer the cool kids that you don’t have. At least this is one of my natural laws. I’ve always tried to speak truthfully, and never regret the things that I’ve said. Have there been times that I have regretted things that have been spoken in anger? Of course. I am human, and mostly, so are the people who I deal with.

Another of my beliefs says that you can not polish a turd. No matter how hard you try to make something nice, if it’s bad, it will stay bad, and eventually the true essence of the thing will come out. Same with people. Give them enough time, and you will find out what they are made of. You can help them, you can try to show them things that you’ve learned through experience, but if they have a bad heart, and wish to do harm, they will find a way.

I had a thread posted on one of the lifestyle websites asking people if they thought you could buy honesty. Everyone seemed to agree that you couldn’t. And yet I wondered about some that answered that on that thread. For a time, I thought that maybe they only put what they thought was the “right” answer so that they would seem honest themselves. But it may also have been that they have a skewed definition of honesty. Maybe if their ends justify the means, they still consider themselves honest. That doesn’t really work for me. There is no gray area with honesty. You either are, or you are not. You can stand by what you believe, and do what you know is right, and be unpopular at the same time. Sometimes we call that being a parent. When we must make the unpopular choices, and make our children do what is right, and not just what is easiest. I have tried to tell my son, that if he always tells the truth, things will always work out. Unfortunately, some times it takes a while for it to work out. Even stating your case, and answering hard questions without flinching because you know you are right, isn’t enough. You must sit back and wait for others to be shone the light. If enough people tell the same lie over and over again…it’s still a lie. What can you do then? They have convinced themselves that what they are saying is the truth. They think they are the honest one. Truth is what we perceive it to be. Honesty is the way we portray what we believe. I’m not a very religious person any more. I like to think that I am a spiritual person though. But it seems that somewhere in the Bible it says something about “knocking the dust from your sandals”. Or something to that effect. The meaning being that you can try to bring the truth to someone only so much, and then you must move on. And leave them to their own decisions. That’s really a hard one for me. One of my many character flaws I suppose. My logical mind makes it difficult for me to understand how someone might not see things the way that I do.  Funny really. I certainly know that I’m not always right. But I do things with the best interests of the other party in mind at the time that I do something for them. And when they don’t see it…I get my feelings hurt. The same with raising your child. When they pout, and cry and cuss at you for what you are making them do, it hurts. Even when you know it’s for their own good.

     It’s a good thing that I posted this under the ramblings section, because I have certainly not stuck to any one thing today.

So, good luck to my son. I hope he does well. And when this 15 minutes of fame is over, I hope we will know that he did the best job that he could in his green toga and pointed crown and big sign.

And to the cool kids, at their cool kids table I would say this: I’ve always gone my own way, have never wanted to sit at your table. I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve ever done or said. I stand on my own. And one very special message ….. Please NEVER  ever take PITY for jealousy.  The two are very different.




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