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Will they heed the warning?

Posted on: January 30, 2010

Lately, I have found that taking the high road accomplishes only 2 things:

1) Makes the person doing it feel good to know that they tried to do the right thing.

but unfortunately this also applies

2) Just makes you a more visible target for lies from the gutter snipers.

To all….. I offer one of my most favorite stories. I hope you read between the lines, and get the full meaning

     Once upon a time…..there was a little bird.   And she loved to sit high in a tree and sing. That’s all she wanted to do. Sing and be noticed by all that walked by. Her greatest desire was that as she sang people would compliment her, tell her how wonderful her voice was, and how beautiful she was, and say what a joy her voice was to behold.

     Others told her that there were more important things in life than being admired and put upon a pedestal. The summer was winding down, and she would be wise to start thinking about flying south for the winter.  But she didn’t listen. She continued to sing, and preen her feathers for all the passersby.  She continued to believe that she was the most important voice in the forest and that people would always fall all over themselves to see her and be near her and hear her song.

     Soon, all the other birds had gone. The wind was cold now and the little bird couldn’t sing much because she was cold.  And there was no one to listen anymore. She had sung the same songs over and over again, and people found other things to do.

     The little bird finally decided it was time to fly south, where it was warm.  She also hoped that she would find her admiring fans again and that they would tell her how sweet and wonderful her singing was, and how pretty she was as she showed off for them.  Half way through her flight, she got so cold, she couldn’t move her wings any longer….and she plunged to earth.  She landed in the middle of a cow pasture.   As she layed there slowing freezing to death, a cow happened to wander by.  Totally oblivious to the bird, the cow at that moment took a crap.  It landed on the little bird and completely engulfed it. The little bird thought, “What a horrible way to go”.  And so she closed her eyes. But as she layed there thinking she was dying, she began to feel warm.  The manure was not only protecting her from the cold, it was also warming her body.  She began to feel better.  And better yet.  She was able to move around slightly and made a tiny space inside the frozen manure.  Soon, she had enough space, and was warm enough that she felt better to begin her journey.  She began to peck her way through the top of her shelter.  Little by little she made a tiny hole.  Then the hole was a little bigger.  She could stick her head out.  She could see the sunlight, and it felt warm.  She was so happy that she began to sing.  She was alive, loud, and proud !!!  Oh joy !!! 

     Just then, a hungry barnyard cat, heard the singing, went to the bird, finished digging her out, and ate her.

There are 3 morals to this story:

1) Not everyone that shits on you is your enemy

2) Not everyone that gets you out of shit is your friend

3) When you are warm and safe and dry…….keep your fucking mouth shut !!!


This evening should tell if this message was recieved by those that needed to hear it.  Because as we all know KARMA really is a BITCH !!!


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