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Suffering in Silence

Posted on: February 9, 2010

     I was raised the “good Catholic girl.  And in school and Sunday school we were taught to suffer in silence. Offer your pain up to God for the sins that you may have committed. This was part of our atonement for our evil thoughts and deeds. To be as the martyrs.  Later in life, when dealing with other teens, we then learned “never let them see you cry” and don’t let them get to you.  Maybe the boys were taught this a bit more vigorously and that is why men are supposed to be harder and less caring than women.  Either way, that’s not what this blog is about today.

     There are some people who try to see the world in a positive light.  They always try to see the good in others while doing good themselves.  And then there are those that simply refuse to see anything good in others unless they can find a way to exploit it for their own use.  I think that I fall somewhere in another group.  I always like to give people the first opportunity to show themselves to me in their true light. But, having been burned more than a few times I am wary of others. I still try to give them the benefit of the doubt, and try to see things from their perspective so that I may better understand why they do the things that they do. And yet…..humans never fail to amaze me.  And disappoint me in new and different ways all the time.  For example:  Some one that has opinions on everything and yet does not allow others to have theirs. What is up with that? Is your opinion the only one?  And if you are such an expert, why do bad things happen to you?  It must be everyone else’s fault.  And why would you assume that the world would want to hear about your life in the first place?  Let alone every mood swing that you have.

     When I was stationed overseas, away from my family, my sister would send me pictures of her daughters.  Her husband was the world’s worst photographer.  Not only that.  He also sent the dumbest pictures.  Of every blade of grass it would seem. When I got a stack of pictures in the mail, I knew that there might be a couple of pictures worth keeping and that the rest would get thrown away. I didn’t need action shots of the girls.   The same with some people that blog.  Of course I realize that the ones of us that do this are doing it for ourselves. I use this medium to purge myself of feelings and thoughts that I might have on a particular subject. I used to just scream at a wall or shout at the computer screen when I read some of the stupid shit that people write about.  And I certainly don’t leave out the possibility that I may be one of those people.  And if you are think that I don’t have anything worth sharing with the rest of the world, you are free to disregard me.  Think about this though. Me writing here may just keep me from picking up that AK-47 and coming to get you….LOL

     Then there are the types that follow the same line of thinking that my ex brother-in-law did. They want to tell you about every menstrual cramp, or thought process in  the”evolution of themselves”.. Oh please. I don’t care what kind of person you are becoming.  If I didn’t like the old you, why would I like you when you are done transforming yourself.  A leopard cannot change it’s spots….and as I’ve said now on more than a couple of occassions….you CAN NOT polish a turd.  And for anyone that thinks that private things like being pregnant, or going through a divorce is light and cheerful reading….think again.  Most of us have gone through it already. So get over it, get through it, and move on.  You’re boring me to tears.

     I enjoy the message board that is on the swingers site that I belong to.  At one point, I was on a couple of sites.  But I got off one that should really just shut itself down.  It is hard to use, boring and full of people who use it to stroke each other off.  Oh, and to attack anyone that doesn’t agree with them. It’s quite pathetic.  The same old people cooing and ooohing and ahhhing over every little thing that each of them do. I’m sorry to admit that I ever gave that site any attention…let alone the many times that I recommended it to others.  However, the same losers from that site are also on the one that I’m on now.  And they do as much as they can get away with.  Chasing each other around from thread to thread, kissing each others asses and trying to pretend that they are all the happy close friends that they would like others to think they are.  The truth is quite different.  Every single one of them have had major falling outs with each other.  None of them trust each other.  They have no sense of what a true friend is, let alone how to be one. They’re like a pack of dogs, sniffing each others asses cautiously to see who’s in charge that day, and are they still part of the group.  Hilarious.  And the sad part is that everyone else sees it.  They are so busy trying to stay on top, that they don’t see how utterly ridiculous they look to the folks that go to that website to meet other like-minded people, maybe post a time or two on the threads and then sign off to live a real life not on a computer.

     Well, heres your 1000 words of wisdom for the day.  Now you can move on and read something more interesting….





2 Responses to "Suffering in Silence"

I’m sorry Cinnamon, this is one blog I don’t agree with, just my opinion mind you. You say this is a place for you to vent, maybe that’s what this other person is doing as well and if you don’t agree with it, don’t read it.

I’m not trying to take sides, just saying why should you be the only one to express your feelings through writing.

Mike, I think I have said on more than one occassion that everyone is free to express themselves through writing. And trust me, I don’t read everything that everyone writes. But I do think that some use writing as a form of Munchausen Syndrome ….. to get sympathy. What about the “other” party? If they don’t write publically, should we just assume there is only one villian? Glad that out of all my blogs, you only dissagree with this one….LOL Maybe you should write as well.

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