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~~~Justifications or Lack of Character~~~

Posted on: February 21, 2010

     The whole Tiger Woods thing has gotten me thinking in the last day or two. That, and some other rantings that I have seen on this big ol world wide net.  The public apology thing gave me mixed feelings. Another case of someone out of their comfort zone.  He’s a golfer, not a public speaker. He said what he said to the public and the press because he was made to.  It would be “good business” to apologize for his “behavior”. He must have used that word a thousand times in his speech.  I agree with the folks that say he only apologized because he got caught, and it was hurting his bottom line.  Just like the old saying, “it’s not a crime unless you get caught”. The only people he should have apologized to was his family and his wife.  And you can’t tell me that she didn’t have some kind of idea that it was going on.  Being a public figure herself, and a wife of a famous guy….she knew.  And maybe she didn’t care.  Maybe it took some sexual demands off of her and she was fine with it.  Afterall, she has his ring, his kids, and his name.  Maybe it only became a problem when people started asking her what was wrong with her that would cause him to stray. When it comes down to affecting someone personally, that’s sometimes when they say or do what is considered the right thing.  And that is so phoney, it makes me sick.

     There are so many people who I have met in my life that I am proud to know.  Of course my Father is number one on the list.  You always knew where he stood.  There was no interchange in his mind between right and wrong.  And I loved him for that. That is the kind of person that I strive to be.  I don’t always succeed, but 9 times out of 10 I know that I make the right choices.  But on the off-chance that I do stumble, I will apologize. But it won’t be in the spotlight, it won’t be when the camera or airwaves are on.  It will be done privately and to the person or persons that need to hear it.  You may think I’ve done something wrong, but I don’t care what you think.  I have gone my own way for a very long time and I make my choices and I don’t second guess myself. I am not perfect.  But I do have character. And if you don’t like it…too bad. Trying to call me out on things time and time again is pointless.  And you just look stupid.

     There are also some people who I just don’t understand.  They say one thing to one person, and something totally different to someone else. They have no backbone and go where the wind blows them.  If they like you that day….they are your best buddy.  But if someone else comes along that offers them something that they need at that moment, then they are their best bud.  Whatever happened to “through thick and thin”?  What ever happened to a person’s word? Why isn’t it good anymore?  How is it that instead of right and wrong, now we have justification.  No matter what you say or do, if you can justify it, it is ok? You talk publicly about how much you love your spouse or significant other, and then boldly cheat on them.  Just because the opportunity is there.  What happened to the word NO? Women have been working in strip clubs and sexual book stores for years and not all of them are hookers.  It is possible to be in a sexually oriented business and not cheat. I’ve done it.  Where is the character?

     What’s the other old statement about their being no “atheists in foxholes”?  Do people only believe when they are about to be in a dangerous situation?

When you hear or read statements from people who just have no sense to them can you sense the justification coming?  When they start out by saying that yes, I’ve done wrong….then there’s the pause….. and then the big BUT…..and they go on to talk about what others have done.  To me, that totally negates the apology.  They are only playing the blame game.  Their apology means nothing because they have thought more about finding someone else that has done wrong than thinking about how to better their own behavior.   Show some spine.  Just say you fucked up and let it go.  You owe nothing to anyone except who you have disappointed and yourself and your God.  And God will forgive you first, the people you hurt will be next, and you should be last to forgive. IF you have any character.

     You can look all over for this kind of stuff. The paper, the news, websites that some are on.  If you screw up, people will forgive you.  Mainly because they don’t really care unless it affects them personally.  And because they are too busy to worry about you.  But….if you do it continually, and cry wolf too many times, or make too many excuses for your bad behavior, they won’t forgive you,  they will just forget you.  So man up, or woman up and then shut up !!!




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