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Posted on: March 2, 2010

Starting tomorrow, I will be starting another blog as well as this one.  It will be a private blog and will only be sent to those readers that have already emailed me of their interest in this subject that I have discussed with them privately.  My blog here that is published publicly will also continue. 

I have been informed that it might also be wise for me to add a disclaimer to my blogging.  After a couple of beers and discussion of this suggestion with a couple of friends I’ve decided that NO…I won’t be putting a disclaimer on my blogs.  They are my ramblings, they are my experiences, and they are my views.  If there are some angry, deranged, sick, and jealous divas/and or pricks that feel my postings are about them…then that is fine with me.  There are only two things that could make someone feel that my blogs are “Mona Lisa” in nature.  One would be if I mention a person by name and are saying something nice about them.  Or two, if someone feels guilty or ashamed of themselves that they think I would go out of my way to try to change them.  Either way is absurd.  I really and truly don’t care about those bothered by my writing.  I am glad you enjoy my talent. Please find your own.  I’m sure there must be something you are good at besides seeing yourself in my blogs. Geesh…..take a pill.

So, consider the above paragraph to be the only disclaimer I will EVER post.   And oh yes.  Thank you to the nice folks that send the lovely comments in emails and phone calls. That’s why, with your help, I’ve been read almost 1500 times.  Thank you.




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