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Posted on: March 4, 2010

     My husband is a boob man.   No doubt about it.  From the moment we met I knew it.  He loves em.  Not necessarily the bigger the better kind of boob guy…but if they are bigger and better, that is better.  He loves getting nasty text pictures on his phone from his son, and some of our friends that have big ol boobs in them.  He says there are only 2 kinds of boobs.  Big ol’ goodens, and good ol’ biggens.  Well, he says that he fell in love with me even BEFORE he saw I had big boobs….yeah right.  But I’m willing to overlook that white lie cause he’s such a great guy.   I did however test a theory the other night when we went out.  I’m always complaining when he says that I should wear something that “makes those big boobs stick out”…LOL  And when I walk out of the bedroom from dressing, his eyes go right to my chest.  Ok…so…the other night I got dressed and had on some low cut top just for him.  But I did something a little different.  When I walked out of the bedroom, his eyes lit up and he said, “Honey, you look so hot!”  I said, ” Really? you like my whole outfit?”.  “Oh yeah” he said.  Then I cracked up.  I said look at me.  All of me.  Then he started to laugh.  I had gotten dressed in a skirt and had one high heel on, and one thigh high boot.  One black, one red.  And all he had seen was the top.  It will be a while before he lives that one down for sure.  And since we’re on the topic of boobs, let’s go to the vault and I’ll tell you a story.

     The summer before I was to go into the seventh grade I went to 4-H camp.  I’d never been anywhere before and was really excited about it.  I’d even been able to talk my Mom into getting me the cutest 2-piece bathing suit.  It was white with tiny little pink flowers.  I loved it.  Had a great time at camp and we don’t need to stay on that topic, but I wanted to let you know why I had the bathing suit.  You’ll see why in a minute.  Started back to school in the fall.  And the boob fairy had come to see all the girls in the seventh grade.  Except me.  I mean to tell you, there were budding breasts all over the place.  The guys were going nuts.  And of course, all the girls were so proud of their new boobies and their new bras.  They would pop each others bra straps in the back and make little giggly noises or squeal like they were being hurt.  After a while it started to get annoying.  What was also annoying was the condescending looks and attitudes that I was getting from the other girls because I didn’t have a bra.  Didn’t even have any prospects to start dreaming about getting a bra for.  I felt so left out.  I’d asked my Mom about it, but she was so tight with money that until I could show “proof” that I needed a bra…it wasn’t gonna happen.  Then, my big ol brain kicked in and I started to devise a plan to have a bra, even if I didn’t need a bra.  And if the plan went right, I’d have more to show in my bra, than anyone else.

     Now we had ALL made fun of the girls that stuffed their bras with toilet paper or kleenex.  So, I wasn’t gonna get caught doing something dumb like that. Oh no.  Not me.  I remembered my white bathing suit top at home.  It had been bleached really well from the chlorine at 4-H camp, that even through a while shirt it wouldn’t look like there were any more flowers on it.  Except for the obligatory pink one in the front between the boobie buds.  And I colored one on there with a marker.  For me, nothing but the most realistic would do.  I had some brown modelling clay left over from art class.  And so I got to work.  Measuring out enough to cover the area of my chest that boobs would take up.  I made them nice and hollow so they wouldn’t be too heavy.  I even lined them with cotton from the inside of a pillow.  And I molded a little nipple for the front of each boobie.  I slipped on the bathingsuit top and put the fake boobs in, and studied myself in front of the mirror.  I moved this way and that, making sure that they didn’t fall out, or move too much.  In the end, I was pretty pleased with myself.  I could hardly wait to get to school the next day and be welcomed into the “group” of girls that had bras.  It didn’t dawn on me that an overnight “boobjob” might look a little obvious.  I was just happy I would fit in. 

     The next morning, I put my shirt on (with the bra and false boobs) and slipped a sweater over the top.  Off to school I went.  I was nervous but excited. I put my sweater in the locker.  I had on a nice white button up shirt.  I kept trying to walk in front of the girls that I knew had bugged me about the whole lack of a bra thing.  I even nonchalantly reached back and gave the lower part of the swimsuit top a “pop” to pretend like I was adjusting it.  No body noticed.  I was getting a little frustrated.  A couple of boys had looked at my chest though.  I mean, it was pretty obvious that I was different from the day before.  But not to the girls I guess.  I figured they must just be jealous because I was so well endowed….LOL  Anyway, you’ve heard the saying, “pride goeth before the fall”.  It was JUST ABOUT time for the big tumble.

     It was late September.  A time of year notorious for starting to be cool in the mornings and hot in the afternoon.  Especially this year.  And that day was no exception.  I wasn’t getting the attention that I had wanted and I was pouting, and my pride was hurt.  So I wasn’t really paying attention anymore if people were looking at me or not.  When I got to the next class, I found out soon enough that they probably had been looking at me…..for a while.  I happened to look down as I was getting something out of the bottom of my desk and to my horror I saw brown streaks coming through my white shirt.  Yep.  The clay had been melting for sometime.  With the heat of the day, and my body heat the clay had not only begun to melt and stick and run on my chest and belly, but one of the boobs was caved in…big time !!!  I really panicked.  I jumped up and ran out the door to the restroom.  Fortunately the lockers were pretty close.  I went into the girls room, and yanked up my shirt, pulled out the clay boobs and threw them at the bottom of the waste can. (I bet the janitor didn’t know what to think that night) I grabbed wet paper towels and tried to clean myself up.  The shirt was hopeless. I looked out the door and was able to see that it was clear to my locker.  I ran over there, got my sweater out and ran  back to the bathroom. I pulled my shirt and swimtop off and wadded them up.  I cleaned up as best I could and took the dirty clothes to my locker.  I crept back to the classroom and walked to the teachers desk to apologize for running out. I said I was sick and had thrown up.  I got lucky.  She bought it.  And so did the kids that asked me about it.  Whew… My face was flushed from embarrassment, but I think they all thought I was just sick.  If they had only known.  Needless to say, I didn’t do that again.  Just waited until the boob fairy came to visit me for real.  Of course, that wasn’t until the beginning of 8th grade.  But I had another year of climbing trees and wrestling with my brother before I had to finally give that up. So it was worth it.

     So, how is this story linked to lifestyle stuff?  Well, there is plenty of talk on the websites about people misrepresenting themselves so that others will be attracted to them.  The fact is that when you get nekkid…..the truth is right there.  There is no hiding your bumps and scars from people.  If you have tried to “fake out” prospective play partners by putting up old, or misleading, or overly processed pictures….you’re gonna get found out.  If you want to have ten different names or profiles in order to look like there is a crowd around that loves you….you’re gonna end up lonely and alone.  What is wrong with being real?  I understand the need for discretion.  But if you basically say the exact same things on all your little personalities….then what are you being discreet about?  If one is linked to the other and the other and some have pictures of you and some don’t….do you think people are stupid?  That they don’t know it’s you?  I just don’t get it.  I legally changed my name in honor of my Dad 2 years ago.  And every since my name has been Cinnamon.  When I did a radio show….Cinnamon was part of my handle.  The names I have on websites that I belong to all have my name or part of my name in the screen name.  Just like this blog.  I’m proud of who I am.  I’m proud of my friends and family and lifestyle.  I don’t need to hide behind a dozen fake names or fake pictures.  Or hide behind fake names in order to harrass and belittle someone.  If you are a “falsie” I feel sorry for you.  The only crowd you have….is You, yourself and your made up yous. Be real with people.  And believe it or not, they will love you with your flaws, and scars and less than perfect body.  The attitude might be a bigger issue.  But when you learn to love yourself, then others will love you too.




7 Responses to "~~~Falsies~~~"

Well – very cute story. I have to say though that there are those of us in the lifestyle that maintain themselves under at least 2 names and our pictures on each look very different. As I have said many times – NO ONE would recognize me when I am notin my goth attire. I know many in the lifestyle maintain more than one identity so that family members can follow them on blogs and such without the need to follow them on lifestyle related blogs, etc. I mean, really, does anyone KNOW Kellie? Does anyone KNOW what Kellie likes, or wears when not around the ‘lifestyle’ or how I ACT? NO – you do not. You could not even guess. I have seen you around the lifestyle and when you thought those in the lifestyle could not hear you – you were a very different person. So I guess we all have our multiple personalities don’t we?



How right you are “Kellie”. But if I would see your lifestyle profile, and your vanillia profile and either the name was the same, or the pictures the same, or the people that are your friends are the same, wouldn’t i know it was you? Really now…. It’s much easier for me to be ONE person. And my stories are all the same because they all happened to me. For anyone not comfortable swimming between the two worlds…perhaps they shouldn’t put the same stories or blogs on different profiles…Hmmmm.. kind of a giveaway.

just wanted to say I love you!

Thank you sweetie. And look to your website email tomorrow for the link to the new “private” blog we talked about.


Kellie thought I should read the blog feeling the last paragraph pertained to me…let me explain.

I am not hiding between the two Twitter IDs and blogs. On my ‘vanilla’ ID I have family – my brothers, their wives, a couple of nieces and a nephew, and my parents. Though they know I am a swinger they do not care to see the sometimes fun and naughty stuff I post on my Twitter and really have no desire to see the blogs about the lifestyle that I write. Therefore I have a Twitter for them and my vanilla friends and others that follow me there and I have a swinger Twitter. Some of my friends are on both as they wish to follow both, some just on one or the other that is their choice to make. Same with the blogs. Anyone that cares to can follow either or both, I hide nothing. But the content sometimes does vary and the Jaz Twitter and blog is not material my family cares to know about/follow. As far as the name…Jaz was a nickname I have had for well over 10 years but was used by some select individuals. I used it as a screen name when we joined the lifestyle. Most that know me know that my real name is in fact Marti – again nothing I hide. But everyone has always felt Jaz suited me much better. I was in the process of legally adding it to my name when I was let go from my job but once working again will proceed. Regardless it is a nickname I have had a LONG time and will likely carry, legal or not, for life.

Hugs & LONG, Slow Licks
Jazzie Martez (A nickname name many close friends used for years prior to swinging and Jaz came out of that…)

Jaz, let me take the opportunity to thank you for reading and commenting on this blog. I have never directed a blog specifically in anyones direction. If you feel that this blog (or any others) had your name on it, you are mistaken. I write in the most general of terms, hoping that anyone who reads them can find a tidbit of entertainment or education in them. Life is entirely too short to waste it in hateful or spiteful pursuits. Thank you for the explanation of your name. You had told me the origin of your nickname a couple of years ago when you asked my advice on who to use for the legal name change. Now, others will know it as well.

I wish you well and happy blogging,


Guess you forgot these other two ID’s. Maybe there are more but these are the ones that stick out. Jus sayin.

Name Decadent Jaz
Web http://decadentja
Bio Seasoned lifestyler of over 7yrs, was half of a couple, now flying solo as a Unicorn. My favorite place is Club

Name Marti
Location Cincinnati, OH
Web http://marvimarti
Bio Lifetime resident of Cincinnati’s west side, proud mom to 2 awesome kids. Enjoy blogging about my life.

Name Jaz
Location Cincinnati, OH
Web http://decadentja
Bio This ID is just for private, ‘fantasy dialog’ as my friend puts it…only a select few permitted to follow me

Name Naughty Neighborhood
Location Cincinnati, OH
Web http://groups.yah
Bio Swinger’s group in the greater Cincinnati area.

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