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We ALL Lost Today

Posted on: March 11, 2010

     According to the news, Club Cobra has closed it’s doors and the owner is being evicted.  I don’t know for sure that this is the case, but am very sorry to hear the news.  And for many reasons.  I did not know the owner, Jeff that well.  He asked me to do some event postings for him on the swinger website that he was on, and to take care of his website calendar for him.  I was happy to do these couple of things.  Anything that would help this lifestyle that I have been a member of for so many years was something that I was glad to do.  However, there were some in the lifestyle that weren’t so welcoming to this new club.  Whether they saw it as competition, or they didn’t like the way that the business was run….no one will know for sure now.  And it’s a damn shame.

     It is a shame that diversity among the clubs wasn’t embraced more.  It’s a well-known fact that if all the clubs and their owners don’t ban together, then the city and state governments and their archaic moral snobbery will continue to run adult businesses out-of-town.  If you don’t want bisexual males in your club, that is fine.  Everyone should be free to run their clubs the way that they see fit.  If you don’t want people who are known to cause trouble to come into your establishment, aren’t we all, as business owners allowed to deny entrance?   Like I have previously stated, I don’t know the owner that well.  He treated myself and my husband very nicely.  All of the members that I spoke to while I was there said that they loved the place.  That they called it their “home” club because they felt comfortable there.  The owner had all of his permits.  He had all of the handicapped facilities that the state required.  He didn’t operate under bogus “banquet” licenses, neither was he across the street from a day care center.  He catered to people who didn’t want to feel like they didn’t fit a certain “mold” when it came to swingers. 

     There was to be a big Bike Show in February.  We came up from Florida to help with that.  Mother Nature saw fit to dump many inches of snow on that weekend and the show took a big hit.  But to those that publicly denounced his show, and said that the sponsors and vendors that had signed on to be there weren’t really there?  You, are full of shit.  The only sponsor that didn’t show up because of the weather was the radio station WEBN.  The tattoo people were there, there were leather people, the bikes were gorgeous, there were Pure Romance folks and products from Hustler.  Hustler did pull their support at the last minute becuase some folks got their feelings hurt because Cobra was getting a bigger discount on some outfits….THAT WERE FOR A LINGERIE SHOW ONLY.  But the advertised supporters and vendors  were “reported” to be falsehoods, and misrepresentations of the discounts and it just wasn’t true.  I was there.  I saw all the things that the owner said were going to be there.  And if the weather had co-operated, it would have been a huge success.  ALL the clubs in the area took a hit that weekend.  The people just couldn’t come out. Period.

     But like I said, we have all lost something today in the lifestyle.  We are one less club now.  One less opportunity for a different venue.  One less adult oriented business that could help to keep the door charges in check at all the clubs.  And it is a shame.  And to anyone that may have had any kind of a hand in this….whether a city official, or local bigoted business owner in the town where the club was located, or just a disgruntled club member that had an ax to grind…….I would say this:  You are a lowlife of the worst kind.  And remember that Karma is a bitch. I have already heard from several folks that won’t be going to any other clubs now.  They will stick to the house parties and hotel parties so that they can be with people that they feel comfortable with.  These folks aren’t going to be giving their dollars to anyone else.  Club Cobra had a loyal following from what I have seen and heard.  And it will be missed by many.


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