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~~The Games People Play~~

Posted on: March 14, 2010

     As a child, I’m sure we all remember the games that we played with each other.  Hide and Seek, dodge ball, hop scotch, tag and so many others.  Back in the days of our innocence.  Back when all we cared about was being friends with the most popular kids at school.  We used to play with our brothers and sisters if we had them, or cousins if they were around as well.  But as we started trying our wings and meeting new people who weren’t relatives, the games began to take on different meanings.  When we were teenagers, the hide and seek game became a way that we could sneak off with someone who we liked, and hold their hand in the dark.  It was so exciting back then.  And how Marco Polo became a way to sneak up on someone in the pool and hug them.  When just the thought of seeing someone who we liked would make us all goo goo in the head.   And we can’t forget the first time that we got one of those notes that had “Do you like me…..yes or no” and a little box by the answer that you had to check and then give back to the person.  One of the only rules when passing those notes was that you didn’t read it.  It was almost like an honor thing.  You just didn’t read a passed note that wasn’t meant for you.  Of course the tongues wagged about what was in it, and who it was coming from and going to.  And that’s one of the things that hasn’t changed any.  Tongues still wag today.  They just do it a little differently now.  When we were kids, we were all pretty much open books.  We knew who our friends were and who our enemies were.  And I liked it that way.  I can get along with a rattlesnake as long as that rattlesnake isn’t trying to be anything other than what God intended it to be.  During the years that I was single I had much more respect for the guy that would come up to me in a bar and just point-blank ask me if I wanted to go get “busy” with him, than I did the ass that would ” beat around the bush” trying to buy me drinks and shoot me all of his best lines.  They both wanted the same thing, and they were both going to get one of two answers from me.  I just had more regard for the guy that shot from the hip.

     That’s what is nice about the Lifestyle.  We all know, or should know what we want out of this lifestyle.  There is a learning period of course and we are all going to make mistakes, and get our feelings hurt, and hurt others feelings as well.  The trick is to try to get our message across in a tactful way that is the least offensive to others.  And try as you may, something that you say or do is going to be taken out of context and then those tongues are going to wag again.  It never fails.  Because in all walks of life there is a certain percentage of people who absolutely can not live unless they are causing trouble.  Some conflicts can not be avoided.  And sometimes, even the best of intentions are doomed to backfire.  But the people who I can not abide are the cowards.  And this doesn’t just pertain to the lifestyle.  This is across the board.  People that think they are better than others.  The ones that won’t come right out and talk to you like an adult.  The ones that write their little hidden (or so they think) messages here and there and everywhere. It’s just a different kind of game.  But it’s still played by the same little kids that want to be considered popular or all-knowing.  A friend of mine said it best.  He said, “People that think they know it all, make it really hard on the ones of us that DO know it all”.  I thought that was hilarious.  What isn’t so funny is the fact that these same people wonder why their lives are so miserable.  Why no one wants to be around them.  Why they have cried wolf so many times that no one comes running anymore.  Right now, my husband and I are having the time of our lives.  And one of the things that we have the most fun with….believe it or not…. is having coffee in the morning and checking our email.  Because there are a couple of people from where I used to live that think that just because they write emails to me, or to him that we don’t compare notes and laugh our butts off at these lame excuses for human beings. I suppose that some people just can’t stand to see a couple happy.  They know that they have done an injustice to me, so they are taking their guilt out by trying to drive a wedge between my husband and myself.  Sorry to say….. it’s not working LOSERS.  We couldn’t be more happy. So keep your little code words, and your emails coming.  Your rants on and on about me (that no one listens to) and keep trying to claw your way back up on that pedestal that you’ve all fallen from.  Keep telling yourselves how attractive you are, how talented you are, how imitated you are and we will all just keep on laughing. Well, that is when we aren’t shaking our heads out of pity for you.  For the little kids that haven’t grown up.  The ones that can’t even decide WHO they want to be.  This person, or this other person.  And probably never will. I’m sure that anyone that reads this knows someone like this, so this blog is for everyone out there. No one is singled out.  No one’s name should be linked to this unless you think that ruby fucking slipper fits.  Just like the “You’re So Vain” song by Carly Simon.  “You probably think this song is about you…don’t you, don’t you?”  LOL



and btw…. thanks for helping to push me over the 1600 views mark.


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