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~Bashers ~Haters~And Hypocrites Oh My~

Posted on: March 28, 2010

     I am not in a very good mood today.  And I’m afraid that if you’ve chosen to read this blog, you should prepare yourself.  It’s actually going to be more of a rant.  So, if your day is going well, maybe you should just skip this one. To the new people who have recently joined my group please don’t take this rant as an example of my usual writings.  I try to be light-hearted and funny.  Try to teach from my own experience and just stretch my imagination and writing abilities to their limited boundaries.  However today, I am full of vitriol.  And I am going to let some of my anger come through today.  And run right out my beautifully french-tipped manicured fingers onto this page. 

     That is all the warning or disclaimer that you’re going to get….LOL  Of course, there are some…..and yes I know you’re out there that claim that they can’t stand to even HEAR that I’ve written something.  That they don’t pay attention to ANYTHING that I write. They don’t realize that by even mentioning that, they give themselves away as having done the reading already.  Silly people. I love the way that you hang on my every word. You do stupid internet radio shows about my opinions.  You try to pick apart my every blog.  And to the one unhappy fellow blogger or is it bloggstress that likes to copy and paste my writings into her own dreary blogs…’s time you stop that sweetheart.  Because if you don’t, you will get one of these:  You’ve been warned. Twice now.  Try writing about your own miserable life ok? 

     I love to read the message boards on the Zone.  I have talked with some very wonderful people there.  Some I can call friends.  Some, I have the most respect for…even though our political views, or lifestyle views are totally different.  I’m attracted to people who feel strongly about things, and go out of their way to express themselves the best that they can.  Some of the things that I read make me laugh, and some make me think.  And when that happens I really love it.  But there are also a good number of people who go out of their way to write hateful responses to people.  They don’t bother to try to see what in the hell the OP is trying to say.  They just see an opportunity to jump into a subject, say what they have to say…..whether it makes any sense or not……and then hit the post button.  Those kind drive me bonkers.  But even THEY aren’t the worst.  They have narrow-mindedly seen a bone and run for it.  And puffed out their chest and said something about it.  No no, those aren’t the worst.  The ones that are the serious flamers are the ones that DON’T post anything.  But they find another way to talk shit about people.  Those are the haters that I really despise.  They are cowards.  Plain and simple.  And they aren’t very smart about it.  Here’s an example.  And you’ll love this….and so will the flamers.  And all my haters will have ALL kinds of shit to talk about me after this blog.  And guess what?  I don’t care anymore. 

     I tried in vain to listen to the above mentioned internet radio show last night.  It is SUPPOSED to be a venue so that people can go to a chat room, ask questions of the two hosts and have a general discussion about lifestyle topics.  And a way to let people know what is going on at the club where this broadcast is coming from.  The hosts are a dj and a club owner, and whoever happens to wander by.  Mainly, because there is rarely anyone in the chat room who wants to ask them anything.  So, it’s basically an hour or so of them talking shit, telling dirty jokes, and bashing people who’s views they don’t agree with.  What is so odd about this isn’t that these two have opinions….that’s fine.  But you would think, that a show that is supposed to generate dialogue with other swingers and promote a club wouldn’t be so full of bashing others choices for what they do in the lifestyle.  If the club owner doesn’t want Bi men (a favorite topic of his) in his club……that is CERTAINLY his right.  But why make dirty comments about them and possibly run off potential members and customers?  That just doesn’t make good business sense.  And the fact that it’s fairly obvious that they are both still actively reading the posting on the websites AND not commenting….either because they choose not to, or have been banned from the site…..makes it sound doubly bad on their part.  Not brave enough to post (like one of their call in people said last night) but not afraid to sit and bash others in the comfort of the dj booth at their club.    Look at it this way:  If you were an ethnic butcher shop, and you sold pork (even though you yourself didn’t eat it), would you stand outside your butcher shop and scream at the general public how awful you thought pork was? Thereby running off any potential customers for pork.  Even though you have prepared the best cuts of pork on the block…you are making anyone leery of buying from you because of your own personal opinions.  It’s just plain stupid.  There used to be another internet radio show on that was similar to this.  The host of this one was a dj too. Hmmm…. And all they did was bash people (I was a favorite target there too come to think of it…lol) and it was a useless show as well.  The only bright spot was that at least they did give a weekly run down of the events and parties that were going on the tri-state area.  It was ALMOST worth listening to just for that info. I won’t be bothering to listen tonight.  I’m sure it will be about me at some point.  They can’t help it.  And then, I’ll have to acknowledge that they had now tied the other radio shows with the number of ones dedicated to bashing me.  I must be pretty influential for them to always talk about me….tee hee.  And I will no doubt catch some more shit from the club owner on this blog just like I did my other one but, like I said, I don’t care anymore.  Mainly because I have asked a couple of times for some help with someone else that has been TRYING to cause some inconvenience for my husband and myself down here.  Even though I have NOTHING to do with the people who I used to associate with in connection to that club, one of the people who I mention in my “Life as the Manager” page has made it their life’s ambition to try to cause trouble down here.  That isn’t going to happen.  But, it’s a nuisance that I wish I didn’t have to deal with.  They have made MULTIPLE fake profiles on another website that my husband and I are on, and at first try to get me to hook up with them, then when that doesn’t work, they resort to saying things that only this person from the club would know about.  It’s all so childish. But since I know of only ONE person who even knew we were on that website, because they are on there too,  I know they are the one that gave the information to this person.  They don’t even disguise their crappy grammar or punctuation.   I wish they would stop.  And like I’ve said, I’ve asked for someone to speak to this person, but to no avail.  We will just keep blocking them in whatever form they take.

     So, there you have it.  I guess in all honesty I would have to lump myself into the “haters” group today.  Because I do hate people who are narrow-minded.  I hate people who don’t have the balls enough to talk to others in an open fashion.  Instead they hide behind some other kind of media….internet radio, twitter accounts, fake email addresses, and blog postings.  But mostly I hate haters…..LOL   This is a beautiful day, I feel so much better having written this.  Like I said, watch the shit fly now.  They don’t pay any attention to me, I really don’t exist, and my opinion means nothing, but it will be all they can talk about and write about.  I am a legend in their minds !!  LMAO.  I will be in Ohio at the end of next week.  I will wait to see if any of  these folks would like to get together and have a drink and a chat….but I will certainly not hold my breath waiting…..and frankly, if they just want to leave me alone….that would be fine with me and mine.

     Like I said at the beginning, this is not my usual style of blogging.  But even though I go out of my way to take the high road on things, and find the good in all experiences, sometimes I get pissed off too.  Please feel free to read some of my other postings.  There is some fun in them.  I love my life and my family.  I love my new husband…today is our 6 month wedding anniversary. We plan on taking each other out to dinner this evening and celebrating.  I love my friends.  Even the ones that have had to kinda disown me so that they can survive in the social life….LOL. And I can forgive all the bitter folks that have NO reason to hate me or what I have said, other than their own guilt at what they’ve done to me.  But I am a woman, and I’m entitled to get a little pissy from time to time.  And since I’m bisexual, I must have enough testosterone that makes want to “poke” my enemies from time to time.  And they love it.  It gives them a reason to get up in the morning.  Hey ya’ll have a good day ok?




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