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~~Tidbits, Claws, and In-Laws ~~

Posted on: May 15, 2010


     I think that the first thing I need to do is apologize.  It’s been almost 2 weeks since I last blogged.  I won’t lie, I’ve been laying by the pool, working on my tan, and riding the Harley with the hubby.  Feeling guilty? Uhhhh nope !!  LOL.  I have just about fully recovered from my surgery, and my diet is going really well. This summer is going to be the one that I look the best that I ever have in my adult life.  And I am very pleased with that.  So todays  blog will be just a bit of the “floaty” stuff that goes through my head. “

     First the in-laws.  During the last two or three weeks while the grand baby has been getting ready to go into the hospital for his chemo for the brain cancer, I’ve had a chance to meet two of my husbands sisters. They are great.  And seem to like me as well.  Of course,  from the things that I’ve heard about the husband’s ex-wife…..she wasn’t a very hard act to follow.  But I have a lot in common with his baby sister Linda.  We did some shopping together, gabbing, laying in the sun and generally “hating” on some folks…you know…..girl gossip.  I really enjoyed my time with her here and realized how starved for some girl company I had been.  So, the catty batteries got recharged and that was fun. “”  That’s me on the left. Not too shabby for almost 53. Sissy is 41.

     We bought one of those $79 pools from Walmart and it has been wonderful.  Oh yeah…this is the tidbits part…LOL  I have more money in the two sun loungers than I do the pool.  But I’m like a big lizard anyway and love to lay in the sun and turn brown.  I hadn’t been able to use my tanning bed for many weeks while recovering from surgery so I really was missing all that vitamin D.  I love to save money when I can so I made my own pool skimmer with some old soft screening and a rounded hanger. That saved about $14 bucks.  Then I made my own chlorinator with a rubbermaid food storage container that I drilled 5 holes in the bottom of.  Put the 3″ chlorine tablet in the bottom of it, took a small zip lock baggie, blew it up and closed it and put it in the top of the container and put the lid on.  It floats really well in the pool, and I don’t have a speck of anything growing.  Another $10 bucks saved. Took the savings and bought a new bikini…

     The claws part of this blog could be about the fact that my husband adores long fingernails and I always have to trim them down before I can type here and it drives me nuts.  But that’s not it.  It has to do with the fact that I am so sad that we in the Swingers community lost another club.  Hopefully, just temporarily.  The owners of the club I am talking about are really a class act and they do everything in such an up scale fashion that we will all be very fortunate when they find another location that they can bring their club to.  But I will say this:  It certainly didn’t take another club long to come up with their fake-ass sympathy while BARELY hiding their glee.  It really says alot about this bunch of losers.  Once again, instead of realizing that this community needs all the clubs and club owners that they can get in order to help “fight” city hall, they have chosen ….. again I might add….. to be happy that what they consider to be competition is now gone.  Shame on them.  And there will come a day when they will wish that they had been more helpful and inclusive.  It’s really not about who lasts longer, but who makes the biggest impact while here.  I doubt seriously that they will see an increase in their clientele especially with summer being here.  That’s the time that clubs suffer the most.  And this economy sucks right now.  Those that have said that they would NEVER lower door prices because they said it was bad business are now practically begging for business.  It should be very interesting to see how it plays out.

     Next weekend we are going to our first BDSM munch/demo/pool party.  I will let you know how that goes.  Then we will be visiting a Florida swing club that I’ve read alot about and want to check out.  Hope all that are reading this are doing well and enjoying your summer (if it’s gotten to you yet).  And thank you for reading.  We are now WELL over 2200 blog viewings.  I am honored.




2 Responses to "~~Tidbits, Claws, and In-Laws ~~"

hope the pool party was fun. It was wonderful meeting you!

Yes, indeed. Enjoyed it alot. Wish we could have stayed longer. Look forward to getting to know everyone better !!! Thank you.

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