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Posted on: May 20, 2010

     The husband and I like to have coffee together in the mornings before we start the day.  Gives us a chance to make a “plan” for things to get done.  We usually end up trashing the plan and doing something else, but occasionally we will stick to it.  IF the weather isn’t nice and we decide to ride the Harley. Or IF one or more of our friends or family doesn’t call and say they want to stop by for a while. Or IF there isn’t something going on at the VFW or another of our favorite hangouts.  THEN we might get stuff done.  Today was a perfect example.  And although Terry got his work done (cleaning up the garage and getting stuff together for a yard sale)….I did absolutely nothing. Went around looking for a new bathing suit to wear to a pool party that we are going to on Saturday, and then baked my ass in the sun by the pool.  Oh the joys of retirement.  If I’d known how great it was I’d have done it years ago….LOL The truth is that I’ve worked every day of my life (except for the year I took off to have my son) since I was 16 years old.  And I am very lucky to have met and married a man that has a good retirement.  We can enjoy these “good” years that we have left.  And I am very grateful.  But back to coffee-time.

     Yesterday we were talking about a long time buddy of the husbands.  He has had some heart and circulation issues in the past, and has just recently been able to find a good doctor that helped him with the ED (erectile dysfunction) problem that he was having.  Then we wandered into the whole “You don’t know what it’s like” realm.  Oh, you know….how tough it is to be a man, or woman.  For the sake of argument, I took up the woman’s point of view…LOL  Seriously though; I’ve always thought that being bisexual gave me somewhat of an insight into the male psyche.  I’ve had days that my testosterone has gotten so out of hand and it was all I could do not to grow a beard and load a shotgun !!!  Just kidding.  We went back and forth on the whole thing.  I was attentive.  And I listened to Terry try to explain to me that it was really tough to be a man sometimes when it came to the sexual stuff.  That a woman could just “lay there” and no one would know if she was faking or not.  That you can’t fake a hard-on.  So the whole ED thing could really get you down if you let it.  And I understood all that.  I know that you can pretty much tell when a man is aroused or not…DUH.  But it was hard to keep from rolling my eyes.  Sooooo for 15-30 minutes a man has to be “on”. He must have that stiffy ready to go. Really? Hmmmm.  That’s great.  The REST of the time is allotted to us women.  Oh sure, we could just “lay there” and take it.  But what about the hours of time that we spend looking good so that you GET that stiffy that you love to use?  What about all the other female related things that we go through?  The pregnancy thing, the ob/gyn exam thing. The menopause thing (that I’m currently dealing with)  Hot flashes in Florida are the WORST.  Not to mention that if you plan a wonderful weekend full of fun (if you’re in the lifestyle) the chances are pretty good that Mother Nature and her drag bag full of goodies is gonna slap your ass and say “Down girl”.  So, anyway, we went back and forth for a while.  Sometimes it’s great to be a woman when you have all that weaponry at your disposal. And a man really has no ammo against you.  ED?  Yes, I know it happens.  But all those years that you get before it happens have got to be great.  Going out tonight dude? All you have to do is shit-shower and shave.  If men weren’t so visual, women could relax more.  I admit that I enjoy what I call my “ritual” before we go out.  Especially if it’s a lifestyle related function. Bubble bath, shaving (legs, underarms, and naughty bits), the lotions and potions. The plucking, and makeup. Doing the hair.  Picking out something to wear.  Or several outfits if going to the clubs. Shoes and jewelry. I do enjoy it.  And it’s a treat for me as well.  I’m just glad that I don’t have to do it everyday.  But I digress…..AGAIN.

     Men are visual.  Women require much more to be turned on.  The man must be appealing to the eye yes.  But he should smell good.  His voice will get me going.  The way he carries himself is another thing.  And what he’s wearing. I think that although women can “fake” it sexually if they want to….and some do…..I also think that men do some faking as well.  To sum it up, I’d say that Women can Fake Sex, but Men can Fake Love.  And it happens all the time.  Most guys will say or do whatever it takes to get the prize.  Do I fault them for it?  Nope.  I’ve always been able to spot the player.  And I’ve sometimes played him for my own amusement. Do I hate it that women fall for the lamest of lame lines? Yes.  But I don’t feel sorry for them.  Because there is something in those women that is getting exactly what they need from the man playing them.  For every predator, there is prey.  And it’s not always the woman who is the prey.  Oh au contraire.  We’ve all heard of the black widows. So, before I step too far over the line I will just say this.  It’s tough to be both sexes.  I haven’t been the other, but I’ve loved a few of them.  LOL

     This was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the age-old Women vs Men thing.  I’d just end by saying that if Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars……how the hell did we end up on Earth?




3 Responses to "~~Dawgs~&~PuuttyTats~~"

Yeah, but remeber, its hard to drive in them damn shoes we wear to look taller

You crack me up you silly man. I love you !!!

I loved this blog; Linda and I have the same kind of discussions and, usually, we find out more about what we don’t know about being men and women that what we really do know. For us, ED is worse than having a heart attack and, if you were a guy, you’d understand why, just like we don’t understand hot flashes are such a pain in the ass for women – or a lot of the other things that affects them sexually.

However, being a female bisexual might allow you to understand the male psyche – but we’re a lot deeper than what you might see, girlfriend – you and I should talk about this.

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