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~~The 5 Second Rule~~

Posted on: June 8, 2010

     Most of us have heard of  “The 5 Second Rule”.  Its a rule describing the amount of time that a magical force field surrounds a dropped piece of food, after which the force field drops and the food can become dirty and not edible.  Supposedly, it takes germs 6 seconds to transfer from one surface to the next… if you believe this you have a grace period to snatch up the fallen food and pop it into your mouth.

     There are all kinds of rules of this type.  Some are urban in nature.  Some just apply to social situations, and some come from rules within a family.  We had in our house while growing up the “Coming Back” Rule.  There were only two small wooden rocking chairs and four kids.  For about a 2 or 3 year period we all fought over those two chairs in the evening while watching t.v.  If you got up for ANY reason and you had been sitting in one of the rockers, you could say “coming back” and the chair would be “safe” from anyone taking it over.  I don’t recall if Mom and Dad made up this rule or not.  And since neither of them are around to ask anymore, I will just assume that they were the ones to implement this rule in order to hold down the fights among us.  It seemed to work pretty well, although we would all pretend like we weren’t watching the other kids that were sitting in the chairs in the hope that they would have to get up to go to the bathroom.   I was even known to share some of my drink in hopes that it would hasten the pee process and maybe that kid would forget to say “coming back” and I could steal the chair legally.  To this day, my brother and sisters and I will say “coming back” if at a family function and there aren’t enough comfortable chairs.  And we still honor the tradition; throwing our children out of the chairs if they happen to sit down while one of us are out of the room.  These days though I usually try to use the “I’m old” card to get the best chair.  And since Mom and Dad are gone…’s true.  I’m the oldest not counting my sister’s husband or my own.

     There are other rules that I’ve read in this place or that.  I don’t give a whole lot of credence to most of them.  Some I try from time to time depending on the situation.  One that comes to mind….”It is better to remain quiet and be thought a fool, then to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt”.  That is a good one.  And unless I know (or think I know) what I’m talking about, I will abide by that one.  I’ve heard of the “Thumper Rule”. Comes from the movie “Bambi”.  And although I loved the movie, I’m old enough that I saw it in the theatre,  I think it’s sometimes a rule that cowards hide behind.  Sometimes. It says, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”.  Now if I don’t know an individual I certainly won’t go out of my way to say something cruel or rude to them.  And would hope for the same courtesy.  But if they are clearly being an asshole, then I will say something.  I will find a clever way to get my point across,  but I WILL say something.  A fine example are some of the people who post on the swingers site that I am on.  When you can tell, that someone has come on there specifically to stir up trouble, or call someone out then they lose the protection afforded them by not being known to me.  I will tell them in no uncertain terms that they are just a trouble maker. Thumper may have been a shy little rabbit, but he didn’t shy away from doing the right thing.  Me either.  I’ve gotten rather attached and protective of some of the posters on that site.  I respect their opinions and the way that they express themselves.  And a few of them take a real beating from others that don’t take the time to try to understand why they may have said what they did.  I will physically cringe when reading something by a couple of the people who I like….knowing……that a shitstorm is about to happen.  But that is what you get when you throw hundreds or even thousands of personalities together on a place that allows freedom of speech.  Well, somewhat free speech….LOL  There are some rules that have attempted to keep the fires at bay on the message board, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.  And a clever trouble-maker will find their way into the spotlight. 

     Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if instead of “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”, we were taught “say what you like, as long as it’s in a calm and respectful way”?  Think of the logic and sanity we could bring to our arguments, instead of anger and insanity.  People will lose respect for those that constantly use foul language, yell and scream, and throw fits and tantrums.  The message is lost when we lose our cool.  I’m just as guilty of this as the next person…God knows.  Over the years I have tried to replace my anger with wit and experience.  Works most of the time.  But you can’t argue with a fool that is for sure.  Then is the best time to remain quiet.  It will at least keep them guessing what you’re up to.

     Well, enough of urban rules for the day.  I’ll leave you with one of my favorite saying:

     “If the shoe fits….buy the matching outfit too !”




1 Response to "~~The 5 Second Rule~~"

Good blog, sweetie – and you know I feel you on this one. By the way, there was a show on the Food Network that proved the 3 or 5 second rule is a fallacy; the moment it hits the floor, it’s contaminated. If most of us were taught “if you can’t say something nice…” isn’t it amazing that a lot of people have forgotten this important lesson when they got older? And how pissed they get when you don’t say something nice to them?

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