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~~~Teens + Adult Club = Oil and Water~~~

Posted on: June 23, 2010

     This blog could be about anything.  If you have ever laughed at yourself for being out-smarted by a kid or an animal, then you will understand.  And if that animal or kid have ever seemed to be smarter than you were….man, that’s the worst.  The late, great Art Linkletter said, ” Kids say the darndest things”.  And given the chance, they will do the darndest things too.  That’s why I love babies, but wish anyone over 3 years old could be shipped off and kept away from me until they are at least 30 years old….Just kidding.  (uhhh, not really).

     How many times have you thought you had all the bases covered when making plans to be alone with your significant other, only to have a child or a pet foil those plans?  Sometimes, you have to wonder if they have planned it just to mess you up.  It’s like washing the car, and then a storm comes along.  Is there any way that we may have made plans and subliminally KNOWN that they were going to get screwed up?  Sometimes I wonder.  But all this may be much too deep to talk about today.  I have something more direct and to the point to write about today.  See if  you don’t think that sometimes the need or greed for money can cause people to do dumb things.

     In my private group on the swingers website that I am on I started a topic asking for opinions about a new teen club that is supposed to be opening soon.  Now, if it were just a club specifically for teens, I wouldn’t have a care in the world about that.  But this is an adult club that is going to use the premises as another venue.  A club within a club so to speak.  I knew about it last year when I actually worked at this club.  I thought it was a bad idea then, and think it’s even more of a bad idea now.  And the people in my group all seem to feel the same way.  There are so many things that I think the owners of this business are either not thinking about, or just don’t think it will affect them negatively the way that most of us “other” parents think that it will.  We talked about putting a post on the website for others to weigh in on the debate, but decided that it would just cause the cheerleader types for this club to start drama.  And as you know, I’m not afraid to write what  I please here on my blog.  And I will watch the viewer numbers skyrocket when these same people read this.  They will just send their nasty emails as always, but I could care less these days.  And why am I writing about this?  Because anything that affects swingers, affects me.  And I choose to write about it.   Their days are numbered anyway, and this newest stupid idea will just add nails to the coffin.  Only they will be using a nail gun this time.   Hmmm…but like I wrote above…..maybe they are doing this on purpose.  To end the misery.

     Think about all of the negativity having teenagers will cause for your establishment.  Your patrons aren’t going to want kids going into their club.  They aren’t going to want kids to know what or where this club is.  None of your out of towners are going to bring their kids there.  What would they do for the few hours that the club is open to the kids?  Drive around? See a movie while waiting to come back and pick the kids up?  And the local patrons that you have don’t want their kids to even suspect that they know about the place.  How long do you think it will be before some of the kids come back on the weekend and “try” to come in?  Or at least hang around outside seeing who comes in.  The area that the club is in won’t support it.  Kids aren’t going to want to part with ten bucks to get in to just socialize and dance.  Hell, they can do that at their own parties.  And sell them food? Right.  You really think that without doing body searches as they come in that there won’t be drugs and alcohol with those kids?  And you aren’t going to let them smoke are you?  There goes that nice furniture you love to brag about.   And speaking of furniture……guess you don’t plan on letting them use the “party rooms” do you?  There are other ways that money could be made in this club besides this.  Any money that you will make will be eaten up in wages to your “volunteer” staff who have to supply music, food, service . Added electric and water.   And don’t forget those chaperones.  Yeah, won’t be long now.  This is a VERY bad idea.  And as soon as your regular patrons find out that they know some of the kids going there, well, you get the idea.  “Hey mom, guess who I saw this weekend going into that teen club I went to?  And you should have seen how they were dressed”.

     Bad idea boys !!!  But it should make for interesting reading in the newspaper.  So, since the first opening didn’t work out so well, they are going to try it again Sunday June 27th.  If you have ever had to clean up after a bunch of teenagers before…. you will know what I mean when I say I’d rather have a root canal done. Whew…………”It’s NOT your parents nightclub”….Really?



Oh, feel free to comment here.  I will gladly listen to your side of it……and publish it.  Of course there will be a response too.  Oh, that’s right….you don’t read my blogs, silly me.  We are now almost 2700 views now though.  Thank you followers.


1 Response to "~~~Teens + Adult Club = Oil and Water~~~"

Nicely said, sweetie; I’m gonna blog on this as well…

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