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~~~Paying for Privacy~~

Posted on: June 28, 2010

     This is just a short update on my previous post about the teen/swing club.  In case you haven’t been following my blogs or those of my blog-tastic buddy kdaddy23 here on wordpress I will give you a short, readers digest version of what I’m talking about with this update.

     There is a private/adult/but don’t wanna be called/swing club in the Cincinnati area that has tried to find new and imaginative ways to raise their bottom line.  The latest, and surely greatest (if you are thinking BAD) idea has been to use the club building as a teen club on the nights not open to the usual lifestylers.  If you are already rolling your eyes, all I can say is that it gets worse.  Aside from all the potential disastrous things that could happen….and we went over just a few of them in the last blog, the one that I suspected, but wasn’t sure of until last night was this:  Not only are they using the club and promoting it as a teen club ……they are trying to keep it a secret from their members.  REGULAR,  MEMBERSHIP PAYING ,HOPING FOR AN ADULT CLUB OF THEIR OWN members.  That is correct.  They don’t want to take a poll among the members to see if they approve of the use of their club.  They don’t want any discussion in their yahoo group about it as was evidenced by an email I received that was a forward of this clubs explanation on why there won’t be any discussion on it.  They think it would cause drama. Ha ! Drama in an online discussion group is nothing compared to the drama that this is going to cause with the members.  This fact along with all the others just goes to prove that they can say what they want, but there is NO way to justify this. 

     According to every privacy contract/membership form or verbal understanding that I have run across in my many years in the lifestyle, I have never heard of such a blatant disregard for members security and privacy.  It is the responsibility of the owners and management of any swing/private club to ensure that the members have a safe and secure facility in which to engage in adult activities.  Now how in the name of all that is kinky can you do that when you are allowing KIDS (aged 14-17) into your swing club?  I don’t care that they’ve said that they put away the stripper poles.  That they have locked the bedrooms up.  That the nude body casts and pictures and signs have been taken down from the walls.  That still leaves the painted NAME of the club on parts of the inside….that any computer savvy kid (and name one that isn’t these days) can google and find out what kind of club it is.  And what’s to stop these same roving hormone factories from “dropping by” on the friday and saturdays when there are cars in the parking lot, and trying to come in?  Talk about a serious case of stupidity….these owners take the cake.  But all those troubles aside.  Let’s get back to the privacy issue.  You expect and demand that your members are not going to take pictures in your club.  “What happens at the club, stays at the club”.  Adults may get that, but kids?  These adults have PAID good, hard-earned money for a place that they can go to and not be bothered by kids or about kids.  They won’t be assured of that.  Sounds like a breach of the membership on the part of the owners to me.  And not just me.  A lot of people who are not even parents feel the same way.  And people who aren’t even lifestylers have emailed me here to say that although they don’t agree with the lifestyle, they do believe that adults are entitled to live their lives the way they see fit.  Letting children into an adult club HAS to be wrong on many levels. 

     I don’t know how their Grand Opening went last night for their teen club night.  I’m betting it was a dismal failure.  But scarier yet…?  What if it wasn’t?  I am also betting that when their members do find out…and maybe that will be here….they will ask for their membership money back.   And I think they deserve it!  Hows THAT for scary Mr. Club Owners?




2 Responses to "~~~Paying for Privacy~~"

Wow! I never even thought about it from THAT point of view. I guess I just couldn’t get past the BJs on the black leather couch saturday. Then the thought of my teen going and sitting on the same couch. EWWWW!

They can keep my membership money BUT thats the last they will get!

This whole thing is the worst BJ ever. SinDay obviously has something to hide and are taking measures to get rid of any and all opposition to their plan. I understand that, in business, if you don’t grow, you die – but not at the expense of a child’s morality, sensibilities, and innocence, although, yeah, we know not all teens are as innocent as we’d like to think – but adults should not be lending to this in this manner!

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