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~~~~Fighting Fair~~~~

Posted on: July 9, 2010

     We all know what it means.  From the time we are kids; we are told to “fight fair”.  Whether it’s the physical act of fighting….that all of us have done.  To the more sublime act of verbal confrontation.  There are certain things, certain  subjects, words or phrases that are just considered “off limits”.  Just like you wouldn’t drag your grandmother into a bar fight with you, unless of course it’s  ” The Boxing Grandma,” Melanie Ley.  Ley is a Southern California Assn. Level 3 Official and has been a member of USA Boxing since 1987.   You don’t do other things in the act of defending yourself or your position.  This is why there are “The Queensberry Rules” for boxing.  That’s why countless authors have made millions writing books on how to debate, or disagree with your partner.  Or anyone that you have a difference of opinion with.  I have always tried to be a “fair fighter”.  I know that I have said before that when I was a kid, I bullied my brother and two sisters.  Mostly to get them to leave me alone.  And I do still remember my Mom hanging out the kitchen window while I was pounding on my brother saying, “There will come a day when he gets bigger, and you will regret that beating you are giving him”.  And sure enough, she was right.  When he got to be about 13 or 14 and was getting to be a pretty strong young guy, he whipped my ass good.  The only other physical confrontation that I ever had happened in school.  I’ve had really long hair my whole life, until I went in the service and I always kept it in one long braid down my back.  I got into an argument in the lunch room one day with a bigger girl and she actually used my OWN braid to choke me with…LOL.  You can bet I kept a pretty close eye on it from then on.  Took to letting it hang over my shoulder in the front and if there was any sign of trouble, I’d stuff it down my shirt just like I used to do when I was riding and i knew there were brambles and sticker bushes around.  I’ve never lost a fight since. 

     There are some pretty basic rules to fighting that everyone should keep in mind.  And no matter what ethnic background you come from, or streetwise laws you adhere to……you must keep them in mind.  IF you choose to fight fairly.  Here are just a few of the many.  The highlights if you will.

No hitting below the belt:  Not bringing unnecessary vulgarity or personal attacks into the argument.  It only makes you look ignorant.

Stay on the subject:  Straying means that you really don’t have a point.  You just want to sound like you have a leg to stand on while avoiding the whole reason for the disagreement.

Don’t exaggerate or make up items:  In other words…DON’T LIE.  If you have facts, present them.  Heresay is just that.  Heresay.  And if you present what you believe to be facts in an argument…be able to back it up.  Don’t spend too much time pontificating.  State your facts.  Present your facts.  Then let the truth sort itself out.  If your “facts” get bigger and more preposterous….guess how that makes you look?  Yeah.  Like a blow-hard and a liar.

          And if you are someone who prides themselves on their ethnic background….say…..being Italian, there are rules that even the Mafia will stand by.  “We never hit women and children”  And I am sure that they mean  “hit” in the terminal sense.

     You don’t talk about someone’s family.  And you especially don’t mention someone’s children in an argument.  It’s digging desperate to mention someone’s spouse, or even their friends to try to bolster your position.  It shows a lack of class, and doesn’t make the case that you are trying to make look very genuine.  I don’t do it.  I never have.  If I have a problem with you, I speak to you.  I may say rotten things to you.  But they will be about YOU.  Not your family.  Not your spouse.  And this brings us to that “Queensberry Rule”. 

6. No seconds or any other person to be allowed in the ring during the rounds.

 How desperate would it appear to have your friends or  “seconds” as the rules talk about blindly try to fight dirty for you.  Showing support is one thing.  Total fabrication is quite another.  I love my friends and family.  And I would go toe to toe with the rest of the world for them.  In public if I had to.  But in private, if I thought they were wrong, I would tell them.  And I would not be a part of anything unethical that could somehow harm the person that you don’t like.  If your argument wasn’t strong enough to stand on its own merit, you would have to learn that lesson yourself.  This one really  IS pretty self-explanatory.  Don’t send your goons in to fight for you.  And oh yeah….Don’t be someone else’s goon !

Alrighty then…back to back and take ten paces, turn and fire.  And try not to shoot yourself in the foot !

peace (when possible),



7 Responses to "~~~~Fighting Fair~~~~"

You’re kidding, right? I haven’t seen a fair fight since I was in elementary school! And even then, it might have started that way… but it didn’t end that way! Nice blog, though!

A girl can dream can’t she? LOL Thanks Kdaddy

Well then, you took my idea for my first attempt at blogging away from me you bully. Especially the part of having friends fighting for you. That`s ok, if they are trolling me that means they might be leaving you alone. Good blog.

I have heard I’m quite the bitch !!! Thank you for the comment.

I had another idea so I will work on that one. Actually it is a lot of thoughts and observations rolled into one.

Those usually make the best ones anyway….. I look forward to reading it.

You are not A Bitch…..Your my Wife that I LOVE SOOOOOOOOO Dearly…Remember ME I`M the guy who says Stupid things sometimes…

I DO LOVE YOU BABY :))))))))

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