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~~A New Swingers Site ~~

Posted on: July 24, 2010

We are all looking for new places to meet other like-minded lifestylers.  And I have found a really great new place.  I’d like to introduce you to: . As if the colors and graphics of the site itself isn’t enough to make you want to join, there are some features that will knock your socks off.  I’ve only been on for a short time, but I can tell you about the features that really got my attention:

**Custom Photo Albums: To the best of my knowledge, Swingular is the only site that allows you to create custom photo albums and set individual permissions, as well as set permissions that expire on a certain amount of days. I really like this feature because of this:  Someone asks you for permission to your private gallery, and you give it and then you never hear from them again.  What’s the point of that?  This way, if they are really interested in you they will get in contact before the time on the album expires.

** Online Photo Editing: I have NEVER seen this on any other site.  This feature allows you to edit your photos online as if you were using Photoshop on our website.     I am really glad to let my readers know about this site.  When it’s all said and done, you get what you pay for and this site is gorgeous.  And they are very willing to listen to their members.  Why not get in on this great price and be on the ground floor of membership?  There are already 1000’s of members to choose from and hook-up with.  With the chat features and everything else,  I am thinking that a little less drama and a lot more fun are in order.

**Client Side Photo Resizing: This is a big one because with the latest cameras, people are trying to upload photos that are huge in size and it takes forever to upload. Most  people do not know how to resize images.  Swingular will resize the images for you BEFORE you upload them, making the upload process quick. 

**REAL & VIP Seals: Swingular  offers both REAL & VIP Seals. What’s the difference? Most sites rely on the members to give out REAL seals.  They take it one step further and offer VIP seals, VIP stands for: Validated In Person. Only the admins or local hosts can give out VIP seals assuring that they are truly real. And only VIP members can give out the REAL seals. 

**Inexpensive Memberships: For the amount of features that Swingular  offers, their prices our the lowest in the industry. Where else can you get all this, plus access to millions of members around the world, for only $49 for a lifetime membership?

** Longevity & Trust: They’ve  been around since 2001 and will be around for as long as time can tell.  They constantly make improvements and upgrades and will always be a leader offering the most cutting edge features of any lifestyle website.   



 Now, I’m able to offer you a FREE LIFETIME membership to this great site.  And with your help…’s going to be HUGE 
Just go to the website and when you have your profile filled out, put  SW33Tpea in for your promotional code.  You can’t copy and paste it, you must type it in.  Then as your referral code use:  TERRYNCINN.  See? Easy.





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that SW33pea should be SW33Tpea

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