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~~Quotes I Like~~And Their Meaning to Me~~

Posted on: August 9, 2010

     Every once in a while,  I will run across a quote that I especially like.  Whether it’s because it is sentimental, or funny, sad, or just makes me say, “WOW”.  That’s one of  the few things that I like about Twitter.  Someone will remind me of something that I had read or heard before, and the same “feeling” will come over me.  I thought I’d start out with two of my favs.  One by Bob Marley, and another by Dr. Seuss.

     To be honest, I don’t really know that much about Bob Marley.  He was a very famous Jamaican singer/songwriter, and I know a very spiritual person.  I didn’t care for a lot of his music but I can certainly acknowledge his astounding influence on people the world over.  However, one of my favorite quotes come from Mr. Marley.  He said, ” Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for”  And that is so so true.  No matter how good a person is, or how much they love you or you them….they will from time to time….hurt you.  It could very well be in the process of teaching you something that will keep you safe and out of harms way.  But at the time, you will feel like they are hurting you on purpose and for no reason.  We as parents have to do it all the time to our children.  When moving from a casual relationship with a person into a more meaningful one; there will be hurt feelings.  It’s just part and parcel of getting to know someone.  I have always said that if you don’t tell me when I’m doing something wrong or if I have hurt your feelings in some way; then it isn’t my fault.  Because you have to tell me.  I must learn which buttons “hurt” when I press them.  And you must learn the same about me.  The choice comes when you DO know about the buttons.  And when you choose to press them.  And the knowledge that you gain from that other person when you know that they know about the buttons and choose to press them anyway.  It’s all part of the dance of life.  Choosing our partners.  Letting some people in, keeping others out.  And how much hurt you allow to be inflicted on you.  Bob had it right.  It’s gonna happen.  The hurt that is.  Most of it – you don’t get to choose.  But some of it – You do.

     I know even less about Dr. Seuss.  I only know that I learned to read upside down when I was young because my Mom would read his books to my brother and I.  I’d look over the top of the books as she read to us.  To this day, I can still read upside down, although not quite as fast as when I was younger.  Heck, for that matter what CAN I do as fast as when I was younger? LOL  I loved all of his books and read them to my son when he was little.  Dr. Seuss said, ” Be who you are and say what you feel…because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter, don’t mind.”  I have loved this quote for as long as I can remember.  Whenever I feel self-conscience about something that I want to say; I think of this quote.  Those that know me well already know that I’d never say something intentionally to hurt someone……unless they deserved it.  Sounds like that quote from the movie “King of New York”.  “I never killed anyone that didn’t deserve it”.  But it’s true.  Usually, I will try to  get along.  But there are just some people who it doesn’t work for.  Then, after trying to kill them with kindness, you just have to kill them with words.  And I have plenty of those at my disposal.  Don’t know that I string them together the prettiest….but I think my intentions are fairly clear. 

     These two quotes are the start in a small series of quotes that I do like.  I’ll end this blog with one of my quotes.  I can’t guarantee that you will understand it.  If you do…great.  If not, it at least made you scratch your head.

“What you see of me is but the light shining from under a closed-door”.




2 Responses to "~~Quotes I Like~~And Their Meaning to Me~~"

I like this, especially the Dr. Seuss quote…

another Dr Suess quote that I tend to repeat alot…

Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened.

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