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~When It’s NOT Flattering Anymore~~

Posted on: August 11, 2010

     Back in 1985 there was a B+ movie that came out with John Cusack in it called, “Better Off Dead”.  About a teenage boy that gets dumped by his girlfriend and then decides to kill himself. It wasn’t all that funny, but there was one really good scene with a line I thought was hilarious. He’s already tried to kill himself a couple of times, and he is talking to his friend on a bridge.  As the friend turns to leave he slaps John on the back.  This knocks him over the railing of the bridge where he falls into the back of a garbage truck that just happens to be passing under the bridge.  There are two black telephone line workers that happen to see him in the back of the truck and one looks at the other and says, “That’s a real shame when someone throws away a perfectly good white boy”.  I hoot every time I think of that line.  I’ve also used it a few times in my life when any guys that I know do something stupid.

     It brings to mind other things and different scenarios that are also a waste, but not quite as funny.  Like the considerable amount of time that a certain woman seems to want to spend on me.  She’s written either 4 or 5 blogs about me.  Has tweeted many more times than that about me.  Has devoted at least 2 internet radio shows about me (when she was clearly drunk I might add),and saved texts and emails about me.  I would ask what the point of all that was, but clearly she is in awe of  me. I might even be her idol.  That’s all I can figure out. 

     The latest blog entry almost made me jealous.  She had me sharing the talents of her poison pen with someone else that she was also complaining about.  The dynamics of that relationship has been the stuff of conversation for years, and I can’t begin to explain it so I will just deal with what she has said about me.  Ordinarily, I just let what she writes about me roll off like water off a ducks’ back.  And I would have this time, except that one of Mabel’s friends decided he wanted to start his tweet career with some comments directed at me about stalking good ol Matilda.  So you can thank your ferret faced asshole friend for this blog Missy.  I’ve tried to settle these matters with you in private emails, tried to let you know that I was truly humbled by all of your attempts to imitate me, but you just won’t let it go.  Only one other time have I specifically blogged about an individual or place and that also had to do with your stupid friend.  You know the one.  Has to mention that he’s a club owner at the beginning of everything he says.  What? he’s done that for a year and he’s an expert?  I think not.  But I digress.  I will try to lay out the facts of this obsession that you have for me Madeline, so that maybe some of your other friends can persuade you to either seek some MORE professional help with your manic/compulsive behavior, or explain to you that I no longer find it attractive or healthy of you to spend so much time on me.  I am married you know.  I do like women, but you are nowhere near my type.  Thank goodness.

     Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.  On so many occasions in the years that we’ve known each other, you have come to me seeking counsel.  When you wanted to get your boobs done, we chatted about it many times.  And I was happy to help you with your questions.  When I changed my name, you wanted to know about the procedure for that and I was again, happy to help you.  During your brief reign as the Meet and Greet “queen” and had your problems with a certain club owner, you sought my advice on that as well.  Because I had problems with him also.  And even though I thought our conversations were private, you printed all of them out and eventually gave them to that same club owner when you went slinking back THREE times to beg to go back to that club.  I know this because he showed me the file that he had on me with all the conversations.  He asked me if I wanted them destroyed and I said no.  It didn’t matter that you’d printed them off.  I stood by everything I had said in them.  Unlike you, I will never type anything about anyone that I wouldn’t say to their face…and usually do.  So that didn’t surprise or bother me.  Now your dog faced friend says that I went back there after swearing that club off.  And he’s right.  I was in town, my friends wanted to go there and so I went.  We certainly weren’t going to go to your friends club.  It was actually nice getting in free and being treated extremely well.

     When you had those problems with that club and was being accused of doing some things that I didn’t think you had done, I was on your side.  I defended you.  The mistake you made over and over again was going back there. Your party numbers began to slip because your group members didn’t know where you stood on things.  But that was your problem.  But another time that you sought my advice.

     When I was with Swingtown radio; an internet radio station I had communication problems with the guy that ran that outfit.  I couldn’t get the technical support that I needed.  At that time, another dj was starting his radio station and I agreed to come on board.  And I agreed to do a one hour show once a week.  Shortly after that, you jumped on with not one, but I think 4 shows on the same station.  You weren’t working and so you had the time for it.  Good for you.  And although you somewhat “shadowed” the topics that I did, I didn’t feel there was any competition.  Your shows were from your perspective as part of a couple and mine was as having been in a couple and then as a single.  You are a single now, and certainly entitled to your opinions, but seriously, you might want to wait a while and form your opinions more soundly.  Afterall, you’ve only been single what? A week?  I seem to recall you complaining quite a bit about single women back in your married days, and yet here you are one now.  Interesting the way things happen isn’t it?

     So, after following me around the radio gig thing, which you quit doing very shortly after I stopped the next project that I was involved with started to interest you Myrtle.  I admit to making the HUGE mistake of managing that club you are so fond of, and trusting the people who “own” it.  Own it.  That’s a joke too.  They don’t own anything.  Except maybe some of the furnishings.  They don’t own the people who go there.  And they certainly don’t own the building that they can barely afford the rent on.

     If I understood your blog right, and I admit that I may have gotten this wrong; the other woman who was on the radio station is your sister?  I don’t know if you mean that biologically, or just in the “emotional” sense.  Doesn’t matter either way.  You say that you kept your relationship a secret from me for nefarious reasons.  That’s ok.  If she is a sister in the biological sense, it just means that there is a family out there that has two women in it that like to cover their false faces with lots of paint.  One uses makeup, the other uses theatrical makeup for the “goth” look.  Anyway, your “sister” was the one that came to me asking for help for you.  You were depressed.  You were drinking too much and you needed something to occupy your time.  And like the big dummy that I am,  I called you to offer you a job at the club.  I thought you’d like to be around other lifestylers, get out of the house and make a few bucks in the process.  You said you’d talk to your husband and get back with me.  Days went by and I didn’t even get a courtesy call back, let alone a thank you.  Nope, you went right to your dog-faced friend/club owner to tell him that you thought it was “beneath” you.  Ok…whatever.  That was the last offer and last time that I tried to help you in anything.

     Now you are single.  And I have read (over and over) how hard it was on you during the breakup.  I was even ignorant enough to try to send you a comment of support and condolence on one of your blogs; only to be blocked, shot down, and written about in the next one.  And here we are Marlene.   I’m wasting valuable time asking you one more time, only this time publicly to let it go. I don’t need to practice my typing, and  I’m no longer amused with this crush on me. Somehow you’ve found it necessary to seek out the public court records about me, bring to light that I got a DUI (you should thank your lucky stars that you haven’t gotten one yet) and tell the world about it. It’s public information Marilyn.  What do I care?  I’ve paid my fines, and everything associated with it. It took me 51 years to get in trouble and I’m kinda proud of that fact.   “Let he who be without sin cast the first stone” and all that.  You say I’m jealous of you. Sorry Monica.  You’ve mistaken pity for jealousy.

     Your blog asked the question, “Where does this bitterness come from?”  That’s easy to answer.   It comes from you Martha.  It comes from you.



p.s. Please read comments and comment yourself if you wish.


12 Responses to "~When It’s NOT Flattering Anymore~~"

Purely your choice to leave or delete this response. No offense will be taken by deleting.

I can ONLY presume to whom Martha also had busied herself writing about. I REFUSE without prejudice to read anything that woman types or writes for that matter.

You have valid reasons to consider yourself an obsession. I’ve been on the other side of MANY IM conversations where your name was said over and over! My own personal stance is: I feel into a sink hole, but I climbed my way out with the help of good friends and a wonderful loving husband. By no means will I ever be the ‘best’ at anything…but that won’t stop me from practicing to be the best me I can be.

For the record…the mentioned family relationship is indeed biological. I was privy to this as another attempt to ‘Keep your enemies closer’ type of confidence.

All said and done? My life is much happier by NOT witnessing first hand, as tempting as may be. There are somethings in my life I prefer to just IGNORE!

Yes, you are probably better off, as I would have been. But I’ve tried too many times to ignore this particular fly. Although it buzzes around, and possibly steps in someones cake icing before landing on a person. And says sweet things out loud, the odds are also very good that she’s stepped in shit too. And wants to spread that as well. I’ve never understood the fascination she has with me. I do understand the one she has with you. She longs to be the center of attention that you are naturally. What she fails to see, is that it does come naturally for you. When she tries to force it it’s not a good fit on her…and that bothers her. I can only hope she gets some help with this identity crisis. And although she wishes both of us well, somehow I don’t find that wish very genuine. Especially after the trashing that she gives first !!!

Oops! A typo…*feel -fell

LOL no worries….no red pen out today !!!

I’m have humility…and know when to apologize sincerely…I’m not without shame and guilt.
Thanks for the kindness, center of attention has it’s downfalls…told Martha a long time ago…Only one way from the top.

Hey wait a second, you said i was ferret face,, stop changing my name. Ill get confused. any ways thanks for the lovely names. i could say a few back, but why? you know what they say, sticks and stones.. LOL..

In my mind…there is NO doubt about your state of confusion. As far as names goes, I wasn’t aware that the one that you call me….”Scary Spice” was supposed to be a term of endearment

It is said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery… but what I just read scares me – and I don’t scare easily. This, my friend, seemed to be a very dangerous and destructive obsession and it seems to me you took your own sweet time in putting this to bed. Maybe this chick is/was a Cinn-wannabe but I wouldn’t have found any of what you wrote about flattering in the least bit.

At the very least, the words “slander” and “defamation of character” might come into play about this if the madness doesn’t stop. Yeah, I know; you’re too kind for your own good but maybe it’s time for Mrs Goody-Twoshoes to take a hike…

You know I got your back, right?

Yes Kdaddy…..and thank you.

Wow Cinn, I thought we were the only ones that had stalkers. I got rid of Loris personally and then took care of mine. Maybe guys look at this differently. It seems as though someone should take this time to focus on their own life right now. Maybe they are addicted to the drama or the lifestyle. And who wants to be the center of attention? I always am and hate it, send them here to fill in for me next weekend so I can go be myself with the people I want to be with.

It would probably surprise you to know who it is. She puts on SUCH a sweet face on the Zone.

I do know who it is and have never been fooled. There are plenty more just like her. I like playing stupid just to see how far some will go thinking I am to dumb to notice. Just like a flirt we got, then the sender posted on the boards saying they are drunk and sending it proves they must be easy. Some are just so full of themselves and have zero for inner beauty or personality.

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