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~~~Giving A Damn~~~

Posted on: August 18, 2010

     Really?  Is this the message you want to send the world on how you feel?    I saw something the other day in the form of a quote, although I couldn’t begin to tell you who wrote it, but it basically said this:

 “People who actually give a damn about what others think of them will never become what they are destined to be”.

I’m not sure that I buy that but I do see both sides of the debate on it.  If you are always worried about what others say about you,  or the impression that you make; it could impede your success.  If you are always busy looking over your shoulder trying to see who might be gaining on you, or getting ready to stick a knife in your back, you very well could be the one hitting the wall instead of the next rung on the ladder.   But if you have the skills, and the knowledge, and the desire to reach your goals…..can you not also be mindful of others?  As in be kind on your way to your destiny.  If you are hellbent on succeeding and you don’t care who you step on in the process what can that mean?  Does winning the prize mean trading your goodness for it?  I don’t believe it has to.  I believe that you can be skeptical without being closed-minded.   And I think you can be focused without being oblivious to your fellow-man. 

     I also think that you can be  cautiously suspicious without being paranoid. My “gut” has bailed me out more times than luck.  Listening to ones inner voice and choosing the right thing instead of the thing that feels right may not always be the easiest path, or the quickest.  But it’s the surest.  Don’t burn bridges.  Someday you may have to back track and try again with someone’s help.  If you’ve cut everyone off, who will you have? 




2 Responses to "~~~Giving A Damn~~~"

I think you hit on an important point – it’s a fine balance between living your lives for others and ignoring the rest of humanity. We all have to keep ourselves somewhere in the middle. Moderation and all of that.

All I’ll say about this one is remember your favorite quote about those who matter and those who don’t; after a while, you really don’t give a damn what anyone has to say… but you can still be mindful of others, if that’s your thing.

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