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~~The Dog Days of Summer~~

Posted on: September 14, 2010

Websters defines “Dog Days” as:
1) Period between early July and early September when the hot sultry weather of the season usually occurs.
2) A period of stagnation.

The name came from the Sirius Major (or Big Dog Star). This time of the year brings it into view the sharpest, hence the name..Dog Days.

We can call it what we like, but it’s just plain hot down here in central Florida. But I like it. I’ve always enjoyed beaches, laying in the sun, and cool water. That brings me to todays quotes that have to do with dogs. I don’t know the origins of either of these quotes, but they both make me smile. The first:

“Dogs never bite me, only humans do”

This happens on a continuous basis. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a dozen times. People will find new and different ways to disappoint me every day in many ways. I really have never been bitten by a dog. Sure, some have shown their teeth in a threatening manner, but I’ve never been charged by a dog or hurt in any way done on purpose. The same can not be said of the many humans I have come in contact with, and I’m sure you can relate. People seem to want to go out of their way to cause others grief. It could be that they are so unhappy in their own lives that they feel the need to “spread the pain”. Or sometimes; when wrapped up in their own misery, they fail to see that it’s getting transferred to others. Kind of like “pain through osmosis”. Then again, some people are just rotten. They delight in causing as much drama and chaos as they can. What they gain from it is an unknown….something that I will leave to the mental health professionals. All I know is that I’ve become pretty good at spotting these kind of people. Do I always avoid them? I wish I could say that I do. Sometimes I have no choice but to interact with them (co-workers, bosses, relatives). And truthfully, sometimes I engage them trying to get them to see what they are doing. Unfortunately, these types generally don’t care about doing anything but having their way, and having their say. Best to just walk away then. They say you can’t fix stupid…and that’s true. But you can’t fix narcissistic either. In fact, I’d bet that would be the harder to fix anyway.

The second quote always makes me laugh:

“If you aren’t the lead dog….the view never changes”

I have actually run into people who don’t get this. In truth, unless you have ever taken any kind of leadership role in your life, you probably wouldn’t understand it. And that’s ok too. Some people are born to be leaders and some are born to be followers. And both have their purpose in the scheme of things. I’ve been thrust into leadership roles in my life, and I have enjoyed it. At other times, I’ve been a follower. The role I personally enjoy the most is one that I feel I’m the best at. I call it “the power behind the throne” role. This role gives me the most satisfaction. I’ve been able to use my experience and knowledge to help guide others. I get the personal satisfaction from seeing my ideas come to fruition and don’t have to be in the spotlight. Some are born for that role too. There are people who do the best in front of the crowd but would be helpless without someone behind the scenes giving them advice and encouragement. They would flounder and fail on their own. All they have going for them is the pretty face, or the money or the idea. But no idea how to make a plan, or stick to it to achieve the success.

I have owned two businesses and managed many others. But I have never forgotten that without the right kind of support staff, there isn’t anything that can hope to work out well. And you must take care of that support. And by that I mean give them the respect, the praise and the salary that they deserve. Most of the time people will do extraordinary things and put force tremendous effort if they know they are appreciated. But you can’t just say thank you. You must realize that families can’t eat “thank yous”. Good intentions only go so far. Some people never ever learn this. And they eventually are brought down by their sheer stupidity in not understanding human nature.

That’s why it’s good to be the lead dog. But it’s not so bad being the dog next in line either.




7 Responses to "~~The Dog Days of Summer~~"

Well this quote makes me smile too “Dogs never bite me, only humans do”… but me, i’m a cat person, I’m scarred with dog 😀
anyway thx for stopping by my blog, since u’re using wordpress, i cnt find follow button here. I wonder what’s ur tweeter coz the icon on ur sidebar isnt working.

Thank you. Twitter name is CinfulCinnamon. I gotta fix these buttons…LOL Thanks.

Too few people believe this, but you are right on!

“I have never forgotten that without the right kind of support staff, there isn’t anything that can hope to work out well. And you must take care of that support.”

Ahhhh….if only everyone felt that way. Thank you for the comment and stopping by. Your blogs are one of my favs.

I’ve had two sons bitten by different dogs – ouch! They were really little, too. I’ve learned there are people who are hurtful – but that is there problem. Not mine. My job is to just try and love my friend, my neighbor, a stranger the best I can – and not give up on the innate goodness within – it’s there – some just don’t know it yet:)

I love the lead dog quote. I’ve thought about that through the years – and decided that there are various levels of leadership – I’m not a colonel or general – but I think I’m a sergeant. I get all kinds of views from there:)

Have a great weekend!

Thank you for the comment and stopping by…

My dachshunds, Laverne and Shirley, have bitten countless UPS guys and a tax assessor. Fortunately, they’re little.

You’re right — people bites hurt much worse!

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