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Posted on: September 21, 2010

     Today, instead of my usual Tuesday quotes, I thought I’d talk about a couple of things that drive me nuts, bonkers, whacko, or just plain crazy.  Now, to those that know me; you might say that it’s a short trip to drive me crazy most of the time.  And you’d be right.  I can’t stand it when things don’t make sense.  When I run into illogical ideas or people it’s all I can do to be polite and walk away without saying something.  But when I am constantly bombarded on the t.v. with things that are just stupid in my mind that’s different.  The husband has come into the room wanting to know what I had just said, thinking it was directed at him; when really it was just me yelling at the t.v.  Today I’m going to give a couple of examples of things that make no sense to me.  I wonder if there is anyone else on the planet that feels this way.

     The first are the infomercials that advertise things  that ALWAYS cost $19.95.  Whether they are some dumb fold up binder type of thing that will magically get you to be more organized (yeah right), or some kind of stupid purse that holds everything but the kitchen sink, or some hair product that you just can’t live without.  All that would be fine except for the fact that NOT ONLY can you purchase this wonder item for $19.95…..but if you act right now  you can get TWO of them for that astounding price.  Oh, but wait !!!  There’s more.  If you act now, you can also get additional free items along with the piece of crap that you’ve spent $19.95 on, after roping one of your friends to go in halves with you so that you can get TWO of them.  Now comes the part that makes me insane.  The free stuff.  These people have the nerve to tell you that it’s a $40.00 value.  And you’re getting it free.  My question is this:  If it’s a $40.00 value…..why don’t you sell it for $40.00?  Why would you give it away for free?  You don’t know me.  You’re not my buddy that wants to cut me some slack and give me this stuff for nothing.  And if I’ve never seen it on the market before, how can you place that $40.00 value tag on it?????  HOW?  Am I alone here?  Are these people so bold as to think I am guillible enough to buy two pieces of crap for $19.95 in order to get an additional $40.00 worth of free crap?  Do they love me so much that stuff they can’t sell is worth putting a value of $40.00 on it?  Ok, I’ll stop now.  But you get my point.  And can see why I throw things at the t.v.  I’m not really sure which part of it makes me the most nuts, but we’ll drop it there.

     The next item on my list of “headed to the funny farm” things is this:  The “new” shows on the tube.  The ones that are the most blatantly insane to me are the crime shows.  The CSI types.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love those type of shows.  But I like the old ones like Law and Order.  Back in these days.  I also like the SVU series, and the CI series too.  But the new ones that they have on like the ones that have all the young people in them. Young, and beautiful, and fit and SMART.  People under 30 that act like they have been on the job for at least 20 years.  You just don’t get the kind of expertise that some of these kids have on these shows by going to school.  Where are all the old actors?  How can all these crimes be solved by people that look like they would be more at home on a catwalk than tracking cat burglars.  Now they are even re-doing “Hawaii Five-O”.  We used to laugh at Jack Lord because his hair never got messed up.  All you might see was that one little curl that would hang down on his forehead.  But at least he was older.  And so were the people that he worked with.  Danno, and Chin Ho, and Kono.  Now, Kono is going to be played by a female.  My point is this:  Some things need to be left alone.  Some movies and shows should be off limits for being re-done.  But if you are going to re-do them, at least stay with the original premise of the show.  Everything doesn’t have to be PC.  I think it all started when “The Wizard of Oz” was re-done as “The Wiz”.  Nothing against that adaptation, but it wasn’t the same.  And then there was “The Wild Wild West”.  A t.v. show that I grew up with and looked forward too every Friday night.  My Mom would go to town and get pizza (that still came on a round disk in a paper bag) and bottles of Pepsi for the four of us kids.  We would watch “The Green “Hornet”, “Time Tunnel”, and “The Wild Wild West”  As much as I admire and like Will Smith as an actor and a personality he was just wrong for the part of James West.  I understand that the younger generation will say that all the special effects in these re-done movies and t.v. shows is for the best, and that maybe I’m just an old fogie.  And that’s probably true too.  But some things are just better as the original.

     Well, that’s the rant for the day.  Hope I’m not alone in feeling some of this.  And I might as well admit that I did buy the “Space Saver” bags from the t.v.  And they were great….while at home.  Where I could load them up and suck all the air out of them.  But I made the mistake of using them to pack a suitcase full once.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to explain to a hotel desk that you need to borrow a vaccum so you can re-pack your suitcase?  Never again !




8 Responses to "~~t.v. NONsence~~"

Girlfriend, your trip to crazy was really short this time – but, you know, you’re right, although I thought Will Smith’s “Jim West” was both out of place but nicely done; the Jim West I remember was, um, quite pale looking but not as cool and laid back as Will portrayed him.

The infomercial are, in fact, designed to give you the impression that they are doing you a favor, along with the illusion of getting something for nothing – but just pay shipping and handling. Uh, that’s not exactly free, is it?

You’re nuts, you know that, right?

Yep…I know. I like my own little world….they know me there !! LOL Love ya

Okay, I’m with you. Except I am really, really excited that Tom Selleck is coming back to tv!

I had NO idea……..oh hell yeah…I love Tom !!!

I have to avoid informercials or I might throw a glass at the TV. 😉
I love crime shows (an addiction), and I watch maybe 6 of them. But I’m with you on the age thing – it’s weird… My brother-in-law plays Hodges on Bones and he’s supposed to have like 3 PhDs (and be maybe 30). Umm, yeah. Last I heard beautiful geniuses did not work crappy jobs in labs.

I totally agree but I do admit to waking up in the wee hours and seeing that useless crap for 19.95 and thinking MY GOD, I NEED THAT! Ordering it and when it comes saying what the hell was I thinking? LMAO

Stopping over from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party.
My Blog

I had an exchange kid who ended up playing basketball for the University of Hawaii. I flew to Honolulu a few times to visit him during his years there, and I always got tickled at his basketball games when they played the theme song from Hawaii Five-0. I wonder how good that show it going to be.

I know it’s one of the few that get stuck in my head when I least expect it…LOL That tells me ALOT !!!

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