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Tell the Truth Thursday ~ Wedding Day

Posted on: September 30, 2010


The question this week is : 

    Did you have a wonderful wedding day? Would you change anything? If you’re not married, describe your ideal wedding day.
         I just celebrated my one year wedding anniversary this past Monday Sept 27th, so this assignment brings me a lot of joy to write.
    Yes, I had a WONDERFUL wedding.  The truth is: although my husband and I had known each other for over a year, we hadn’t met until shortly before we married.  The running joke with all my friends and family happens to actually be true…..we got married on our 3rd real date.  We’d both been married before; he for 25 years, me not so many years, but more times .  I’d never had a “real” wedding, just the Justice of the Peace one time and an older Pentecostal minister that told us the difference between the $15 dollar service and the $20 dollar service would be that he’d get up from his hospital bed in the living room of his home to perform the ceremony (true story).  So when I told my youngest sister and best friend that I was getting married and they had 2 weeks to pull it together for me….I was only expecting a small get together with maybe an ice cream cake from the grocery store.  Was I ever in for a surprise.  My parents are both gone, but my sister and her husband inherited the family home so that was where we held the wedding.  It had rained all week, but the sun came out beautifully that day.  My BFF was a cake decorator and she did the cake (gorgeous), and Sis took care of all the decorations.  Only my family, some of their kids and my closest friends were there that day.  Here are some pictures.
    My hubby made my rings

    Mom and Dad in the front row


    I can’t thank Michelle enough for this beautiful cake.  And we did save the top of it, and had a piece the other night. It was still really good.
    The happy couple saying their vows surrounded by loved ones.
    Would I change anything about it?  Absolutely NOT.  Words can’t even explain my appreciation to everyone that participated in making that day so special.  If I HAD to pick one thing that I would change it would be this:  I tried on my wedding dress the other evening on my anniversary.  I’ve lost 35 lbs since the day I got married and I think it would have looked a lot better….but hey…I’m not complaining.
    Thanks for this assignment.  All good memories.
    peace and love,

10 Responses to "Tell the Truth Thursday ~ Wedding Day"

I love the picture of your parents on the front row. Love it, love it, love it. Congratulations on your anniversary. And since you’re so happily married, I just might take you up on that offer to help scare me up a troll!

How do you think I found my biker troll? LOL

Wow, you were really a blushing bride! Congrats, girlfriend!

I love the piccy of your parents in the front row too…..beautiful sentiment … they would love that…. congratulations on your wedding anniversary last week….. wish you many more….
thanks for visiting my blog…. nice surprise. 🙂

Happy anniversary! I wouldn’t change a thing about my wedding- in fact it was all the things that went wrong that made it a perfect day!

That sounds just wonderful! If I had to do it again, I would just have a family wedding.

Thank you… yes it still makes me smile.

Your husband made your rings???? They are beautiful!!!

He sure did. After he got out of the service, the VA let him go to school for jewlry design and making. He also welds, and does woodworking. He’s a very crafty guy. Thanks for coming by.

Over from BF, love your blog. Congrats to the anniversary! Your family is lovely and its such a wondeful fuzzy warm feeling when getting so pampered.

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