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~~~Slinging Drinks Again~~~

Posted on: October 7, 2010


  Today’s blog is full of joy.  I just want to share with my readers this new/old phase of my life.  And tell you about this “duh” moment.

     When I quit both of my jobs in Ohio to get married and move to Florida there were so many different feelings about the upcoming adventure.  I was happy for the change and scared about the things in my life that I would have to give up and leave behind.  But I have also worked all my life and I was also ready to settle down and enjoy my 50’s with a great guy that could take care of me so that I didn’t have to work so hard.  And it has been wonderful in that respect.  However, I didn’t realize how much I would miss working and getting out into the public.  This economy really sucks right now and I know how lucky hubby and I are to have a good retirement coming in.  But I missed having something to “do”.  Afterall, you can only clean house so much, or shop so much, or try different recipes so many times.  Before you think I’m complaining about having it easy….I am not.  I was divorced for almost 14 years before I re-married.  And I have always said that I would marry because I wanted a man, not because I “needed” a man.  I have always made my own money and paying my bills.  That’s how I knew that I loved my husband.  I wanted to be with him…I didn’t need to be with him.  The same is true about working.  The difference now is that I don’t need to work, I want to.  And along came a opporunity.


Biker hubby

  We ride with a nice group of people in a motorcycle club.  And we like to visit the local biker bars for entertainment.  One of our favorite bars just so happened to be bought by a friend of ours in our riding group.  I’ve been a bartender/bar owner/manager for 20 years.  I’ve done many other jobs, but I’ve always enjoyed bartending.  And I’ve also made the most money at that.  It gives me a chance to have the social outlet that I need and do something that I’m really good at and make some money.  So, when our friend said he needed a new bartender, I jumped at the chance.  And I’m glad I did.

     I’ve ridden all my life.  I had just sold my motorcycle before my husand got married.  I get it honest enough.  My Dad was an old school biker from WAY back in the day.  I’ve owned several bikes, and am not saving for a new Harley.     As some of my readers know, I put a lot of time, effort, care, money and experience in trying to help out some “so-called” friends before I left Ohio with a club that they opened.  And I was pretty much treated like shit for my efforts.  That left a very bad taste in my mouth for many months.  I am over it now and am ready to tell them to stuff their club and know that eventually, they will get their just rewards  for being the scumbags that they really are.   It’s now my time to put all those same skills and experience toward something rewarding for myself…..and to get paid for it every night, instead of promise after promise with never a penny to show for it.

     My “duh” moment? Realizing that I’m not too old to work behind the bar, have a good time, save some money for a new Harley, spend quality time with people, make some new friends, and appreciate the time I have with my husband more.

Life is GOOD !!!peace,


Back of my vest


10 Responses to "~~~Slinging Drinks Again~~~"

I didn’t realize you were in FL…me too! Where are you??? I’d love to get together.

Ya goofy ol broad…I been trying to tell you that on all your comments. And check your facebook for a friends request…LOL

Must have been all that bike exhaust you’ve been breathing to take you so long to realize that you still have it, Cinn, and all you have to do is go do it – because you can. Can I order a drink now?

Hell yeah…in fact let me buy the first round…but you BETTER tip good…LOL

Love your post and I am glad that I found your blog via Lady Bloggers. I am your newest follower.

Wow… thank you very much.

What a great post and you have such a sunny, beautiful outlook on life. I’m glad you realized that you are NEVER TOO OLD to enjoy any of those things! As for the friends in your life who took advantage of your kindness: don’t give them another thought. You just focus on doing the things you love to do: spending more time with your hubby, saving for that bike, and meeting new peeps at your place of work. Your life sounds like it’s very full with promise 🙂

Thank you so much…you are awesome !!!

Grace is applauding loudly!

You’ll appreciate this: a friend of mine who just happens to be a former minister is opening a new bar in downtown Atlanta. The name of the bar? Church. His sign out front reads, “You need to get yourself to church.”

Oh my that IS a good one. I’ve owned a gay bar in Georgia, but if I ever owned a regular bar, I promised myself I would name it “He Ain’t Here”…that way I could answer the phone and the question from the woman on the other end of the line all at once. Then, if my bar got famous and I became a chain….the second bar was going to be called: “He Ain’t Here Either”….

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