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~~~Tell the Truth Thursday~~~

Posted on: October 14, 2010

Have you ever broken any bones? If so when, where and how. If not, I want to know how you have been so lucky!!!

     Let’s see.  The first bone that I broke wasn’t really a bone per se.  It was my nose.  While I was in the Air Force.  Now that I think about it, I did the most damage to my body while in the service.   I’ll have to set you up to understand how these things happened to me though.

     I was an Aircraft Maintenance Specialist…or crewchief as we were called.  I launched and recovered aircraft, refueled, inspected and repaired fighter aircraft.  In this picture, I’m refueling an T-38.  I got the broken nose on it.  The picture isn’t real clear, but that particular plane had what is called a pitot tube on the front.  Al long tube to measure air speed.  As I got up from inspecting the underside of the aircraft, someone yelled something to me and I stood up too quick and whacked my nose on that tube.  I was “ricky raccoon” for the next couple of weeks with my bandaged nose and black eyes.

     The next to get broken was my right foot.  While holding up the tow bar for another guy on a tow motor to hook up to the plane, he came back entirely too fast.  The hook on his tow motor hit the tow bar I was holding and it slammed down on the top of my right foot.  And even though I was wearing the required steel-toed boots; the tow bar hit behind the protective steel toe breaking the bones in my foot and a couple of toes.  Ouch !!  It scared me so bad that I immediately ran to our maintenance truck and locked myself in it.  I wouldn’t let anyone near me for a couple of hours until I came to my senses.  They took me to the hospital for x-rays and a cast.  What was interesting was that during the x-ray, it was discovered that there was the broken end of a large sewing needle between my big toe and first toe.  When asked about it, I didn’t have a clue.  Later, I called my Mom to ask about it and she told me she could only vaguely remember a time when I was 3 years old, running through the house and momentarily yelping in pain.  But then I continued on with my play.  The Air Force suggested that I have it removed, but I said no.  It hadn’t bothered me so far, so why take the chance of them permanently messing up the foot?  This picture is another that isn’t so clear.  But it shows me in the cockpit doing a seat inspection.  You’d be surprised at some of the things those pilots left there.  Or maybe not…

     I also broke my pinkie on my right hand.  But that is the last of me broken bones…so far.  At my age, my son keeps reminding me that a broken hip should be “right around the corner”  That little turd !!




5 Responses to "~~~Tell the Truth Thursday~~~"

I guess the first broken bone was my right bird finger,that I used to flip a guy off with who in turn grab it and broke it,then my left ankle same guy,nose broke twice,same ass.The worst was a broken hip,(age cinny 35),I simple stepped down on it the wrong way,granted I was parked on small incline holding to much weight on my shoulder when I stepped down off my truck,kinda like going down steps and you think there is one more and there isn’t,that gave the jolt to my hip that just in turn went snap.

If it were anyone else telling this story, I would just say, “What a shame, and you have terrible luck”. But since it’s YOU little sister, and I know what a klutz you are….all I can do is shake my head !!! LOL Love ya

Unless you’re breaking up a brawl, bartending should be easier on your bones.

Should’ve tried messing around on a KC-135, sweetie – plenty of things on one of those to give you bumps and bruises and scars! But, it’s a rush to be back with the boom and watching a plane pop up out of the clouds for some gas!

Never ever broken a bone…. never ever ever…. a broken heart many many times but not a broken bone in all my 50 years…. I guess a Klutz I am not….. a dipstick romantic….well that’s quite possible…. 🙂

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