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The Ring

Posted on: October 11, 2016

Sometimes my need to write can strike at the strangest times.  Here it is, 4 o’clock in the morning, and I woke up thinking about this subject. Don’t ask why….I couldn’t tell you.  But with my coffee to the left of me, and a sleeping dog to the right, I’ll purge my urge and then get on with my day.

I thought about rings this morning.  And all the things that they are intended to represent.  Love, hope, promise, and even just a fashion statement.  I know that I only wear a thumb ring full time.  I’ve had it on for over twenty years and can’t leave the house without it.  My other rings; I only wear when I’ve had my nails done and want to show my hands off.  And  I’m sure it’s the same for many people.  But that isn’t what is weighing on my heart this morning.

The ring is a symbol in many cultures.  From a sign of commitment, to a sign of ownership.  It’s a way for one person to show a sort of “control” over another.  Most of the times, I’m sure it’s a sign or symbol that the other person wears willingly, and with full returned commitment.  And that’s a beautiful thing.  Some rings are handmade; fashioned by a person for themselves or another, given as a gift.  Of course the most enduring ring choice is the engagement ring, and the wedding ring.  Given as a sign of deep love and promise.  It seals the relationship in a circular symbol that says, ” I will always love you, I will belong to only you from now on.

When some loved ones die, sometimes the partner that is left will continue to wear their wedding ring to show their undying love for the departed spouse. Over time; it may make it’s way into a jewelry box and kept to be passed down to a child of the deceased loved one.

But in some cases; and this is what I am writing about, a ring is given to show a hope that you have for a future.  You give a ring, in the “hope” that it will remind the wearer that you are there for them.  That you love them and hope that when they feel the ring on their finger, they will remember that there is something special between the two of you.  Yes, yes, of course it’s a way to show a type of ownership of the person.  I fully admit that as well.  But when you have a bond with someone there needs to been some kind of symbol of that bond.  Sometimes, it works.  Sometimes it doesn’t. That gentle reminder becomes a burden.  And after a while, the power of the ring, and the bond that it represents just fades away.  It loses it’s power.  It’s no longer “magic”. And that is a sad thing. And just like the ring of a loved one that has passed away, it ends up back in a box.  Just like the love, and the hope for the future, and all the dreams that you had…’s now just a sad reminder of another failure.


Cinnamon ring


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So, my dearest friend, what is it about the ring that’s troubling you?

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