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Facebook—-A Spectator’s Sport

Posted on: July 6, 2017

Everyone that I know; with the exception of my sister Maggie is on some kind of social media.  She doesn’t deem it essential I believe; because she didn’t invent it.  But that’s just her.  I meet all kinds of people that I would never dream had a facebook account, and yet they do.  A great deal of people don’t know what’s going on in the world without checking their newsfeeds in the morning.  And that’s not necessarily a good thing with the news as slanted left or right such as it is these days.  It’s easier to take the crap that they are fed and just regurgitate it rather than look for the facts on their own.  I get it.  Most of us are so busy trying to fit 25 hours into a 24 hour day, that if we can just “think” something is we can check it off our list of things to worry about.

Facebook is the worst and the best of us.  We can sit behind our screens and say and do whatever we want.  Mostly without consequences.  And the memes, oh the memes. For some people that can’t string four words together to form a cohesive sentence…….they say exactly what the person can’t, or won’t say.  Nothing drives me as batty as seeing a meme with improper grammar in it though.  Because then, there is a case of someone that can’t say what they think, or thinks the meme does a better job at it, and the meme doesn’t make good sense.  Dumb leading dumber. But, as usual, I digress.

My real problem with social media…..(other than the fact that someone should break Donald Trumps’ hands when he gets on Twitter) is that you are telling the world ALL your business.  The good and the bad.  Most of us don’t have time for a phone call to a friend or a family member.  But we have time to go through their facebook page looking for some kind of meter to gauge their life on.  Someone could be totally pissed off at the neighbor, put some kind of negative meme up, and everyone thinks that they have had a fight with their spouse.  So rather than calmly posting a rant about the neighbor they now have people coming to them (in messenger by the way) wanting to know what’s going on with they and their spouse.. Mind you, they really don’t care one way or another how they are actually doing, they just want to gossip and pick sides. I see it all the time.  I know from experience that people will either misinterpret what you say, and throw their two cents worth into the comment section, or they will automatically assume that what you’ve said is about them……and throw their two cents worth into the comment section.

There are an awful lot of computer screen quarterbacks.  Who think that they are the ONLY one that can or should dispense advice.  I’ve seen plenty of that behavior too.  Someone will post about something that has happened to them, the lesson that they learned, and what they will do to correct the issue.  They are being informative and helpful.  Now you would assume that they are speaking with a bunch of adults that can read what was written, comment about it with their well wishes and thanks……and move on.  Oh NOOOOOOO……not some people.  They have to psychoanalyze the entire thing as though they are speaking with a room full of school kids. We can read.  We can learn.  We can take away from the experience of the person that wrote the post.  We don’t need you to re-hash it and point out what we already know.  Thank you Captain Obvious !

Right now, I am watching two friends absolutely tearing each other apart.  And all in front of the spectators in the coliseum called Facebook.  Where everyone is watching, and waiting for the blood to spill. It’s sad.  A few years ago I got caught up in something like that myself.  And it was NOT pretty.  I spent a good portion of my day trying to defend myself, or make myself understood.  And the fact was……people had already formed an opinion, picked a side, and jumped on a band wagon.  Didn’t matter if the truth was being told or not.  They all just wanted blood.  I learned my lesson and have not gotten caught up in anything like that again.  Well, unless you count the time that I got into comment arguments during the political season, and my own son un-friended me for telling off his brain-dead friends.  But that’s another story.  Anyway, my point is this:  Adulting is hard.  Social media makes it even harder.  Especially if you don’t really need to tell the world what is going on, but you feel as though no one understands you like your followers on facebook or twitter.  Take it from me……they are the MOB.  And you are just a gladiator that they want to see fight to the death.  Your true friends and loved ones will quietly have your back.  And most of the time don’t want to get drug down into the arena with you.  So in closing I would advise……..rant about people doing stupid things, or the cute trick that you taught your dog, or show us a picture of your new Harley parts, or new car, but stay away from personal attacks.  And by all means, don’t mention names.  Unless it’s mine, and you’re telling me how wonderful my pictures are that I have run through all kind of filter apps and enhancement doo- jiggys in order to appear younger, and prettier than I am.  LOL




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