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I get it.  I really do.  I have many friends that like Mr. Trump.  I’d like to share with you why I don’t.  It’s in no way my attempt to sway anyone’s opinion, but a way to let you know that maybe you aren’t thinking everything through for why you support him.

When I say that I “get it”.  I really do.  I’m just like you in many ways.  Tired of the corruption in Washington.  Sick of being told that my voice doesn’t matter.  Angered about the fact that it only seems like the elites just want my money, and don’t give me any results that make my life better.  I’m with ya gang !  Here’s the problem.  And I think this is why Donald has such an appeal with so many.

Life is so busy.  We don’t have the time to really expend the capital or the energy to fully participate in the process that runs this country.  We leave that to the people that we elect to do it for us.  And they’ve let us down.  They have made promises to get our vote, and then don’t do anything that they’ve promised.  We’ve been betrayed.  And it’s finally come to a head.  This isn’t the first time that this has happened in our country.  Or other countries.  And we’ve seen the revolutions that have taken place when government stops listening to the people.  We are at that point now.  And Washington is finally starting to get worried.  That’s why they are trying to stop Trump.  He was just a joke when he first announced that he was running for the nomination.  And when his campaign started really picking up steam, they thought that he would self-destruct if they gave him enough time.  That didn’t happen either.  But along the way, the people that are true fans of his, have stopped asking for their nominee to give them answers on how he was going to fix the problems in Washington.  Instead, they have just attached themselves to his personality.  And therein lies the danger.

When Trump started his race for the nomination, he picked the topic of Immigration.  And it resounded loudly with all of us.  We’re tired of the illegals that come here, take the low paying jobs, getting free benefits and not paying taxes.  While all of us are working our brains out just to make ends meet.  But that one signature talking point of his, has devolved from what he was going to do about it, to what he’s going to make happen…..maybe.

He got people hooked at a time when they were just looking for someone to be the “strong man” in the room.  He took all of the anger and frustration that the people were feeling and made his own promises.  And the people believed him.  And they relaxed.  Because they felt that he would “take care of it”.  And that is his appeal.  He says he will “handle it”.  He doesn’t tell you HOW.  Just that he will take care of it.  And we’re so busy, we’ve decided to take one more chance and believe in someone.  Because he’s not part of the political class.  Because he doesn’t have his fingerprints on any of the failed policies that have gotten us in this state of mess.

But, please wake up !!  We can’t just have someone that SAYS he will handle it.  He doesn’t give you any specifics on what he’s going to do.  But one thing he makes VERY clear.  And he’s done it time and again throughout his life.  If you attack him, or you say that he is wrong…..he deals with you.  What makes anyone think that if there is something that he doesn’t personally like, i.e. a radio show or publication that doesn’t show him in a flattering light, they won’t be dealt with?  Look at his past.  And not even his distant past.  Just look at what he’s done lately.

And yet, his fans love him.  They are doing the same thing that happened in 1939 with Hitler.  They are tired, and angry and they want results.  And that is exactly what is going to happen with Donald Trump.  At first, it will be great…..and huge…..and we’ll WIN WIN WIN.  But then, we will end up being controlled.

I chose not to let my anger get the best of me.  I’m mad as hell too.  But we have an opportunity to choose someone that will use the Constitution that our country was founded on to make the same changes that Trump is talking about.  But our personal rights and liberties won’t be taken away if we happen to piss off the President.  Have you heard Trump ONCE mention the Constitution?  No you have not.  It’s all about what HE is going to do.  How HE is going to make deals and fix things.  That will not work.  Please put the anger down.  It will be hard.  It’s the glue that holds his whole campaign together.  Don’t let the anger blind you to the fact that you are following an egomaniac.  Please.


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  I’ve been on somewhat of  a tear this week after finding out that there was to be a re-make of “The Wizard of Oz”.  Not the kind of remake that Michael Jackson and Diana Ross and others did with “The Wiz”.  No, this is to be a total re-make.  And it broke my heart.  There are some things that are just perfect the way that they are.  And this movie is one of those things.  Yes, of course they can add special effects, and new, more popular actors and actresses.  That is not the part that bothers me.  It’s the “essence” of the movie that I feel will be lost.  And all the feelings that I had when watching this classic that will be lost.

     My Mom told me about the first time that she saw TWOO.  She was a young girl and got to see it for the very first time on the big screen at a movie theatre.  Before then, she had never seen a colorized film.  I can still see the light in her eyes when she described the way she felt when Dorothy opens that door and the Land of Oz was in color.  Holding onto the memories of my Mom is very important to me.  She’s only been gone a little over a year and a half so I am trying to always think about the good times I shared with her.  And that doesn’t even account for all the joy the movie gave myself and my siblings each year around Easter, when it would come on t.v. and we would all sit around being amazed, and singing with the songs.  Now its shown on t.v. a million times a month and it’s lost it’s “magic”.  But this is only part of the reason that I think a re-make would ruin this movie. 

     The lessons that were taught in the movie may be duplicated in the new version; and maybe for a new generation it will be the first time that these lessons could be taught.  I hope so.  Because the things that my generation and the one before got from TWOO are too important not to learn.  I’ve read some others’ take on “finding happiness in my own back yard“.   And I agree that it’s not meant literally.  Yes, you can travel and see the world, meet all kinds of people, and get your heart broke by any number of them.  To me; my own backyard is the place within my heart.  Making myself happy.  Not counting on others to do it for me.  No looking at the material things in my life to do the trick.  I have had money in my life.  I’ve also done without much more.  I will agree that the only thing that money can’t buy is poverty !!  And it may not buy happiness, but you can sure rent it for a while !!  But when it is all said and done, we are all still left with ourselves.  And how we choose to live our lives is what matters most and will bring us the most happiness.

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”   What did this lesson teach you?  Don’t let anyone else pull your strings.  Be afraid of anyone that hides their intentions behind a “fake” persona.  They are really hiding their own imperfections and insecurities in order make themselves appear “larger than life”, to gain control, or force their will on others.  In this scene, Toto represents the “unmasking” of this kind of person.  And that sometimes, it’s someone small that is the un-doing of these “fakes”.  Yes, in the end The Wizard turned out to be a really cool guy.  But he had to be forced to be himself.  Allowed to let his true generosity and warm character come through. Lesson?  Don’t be afraid to come out from behind the curtain and just be yourself.

The munchkins?  Represent the “little things” in life that help or hinder us.  Hold us back, or help us on the way.  Don’t ignore them in either instance.

Oh, how I hate that they are re-doing this movie.  It feels to me like a re-write of my childhood.  And there is nothing about that I want to change…..only live again from time to time.

Have a heart, use your brain, and face life with courage.  And never forget to be thankful for what you have.



     Borrowing from the movie “Mask” and the poetry of Rocky Dennis, I decided that today would just be a list of things that make me feel good. Maybe another day for the “these things are a drag”.  But not today.

Getting an “I luv u mom” text from my beautiful teenage son.

Making a nice meal even though I shopped from the “Manager’s Special” bin.  I love to save a buck !!

Riding behind my boyfriend, or riding my own bike in a charitable event for a fellow biker.

Watching my  puppy play with an empty water bottle.

Getting obscene text messages and pictures from my sister when I’m in a meeting.

Being able to drop a few coins in the Salvation Army kettle.

Seeing a clean kitchen or empty laundry hamper. Even though it’s only for a few minutes.

Finding a five dollar bill in a pair of jeans I’d put away.

Knowing that if you are reading this, you are thinking of things that make you smile.




FEAR–noun 1. a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

     We have all been afraid at many times in our lives.  The degree of the fear, or the rationality of the fear varies; depending on the situation.  Some fear is authentic and it’s there to stimulate us to take some kind of action in order to save ourselves or our loved ones.  Some fear is only perceived; put there by our mind.  But it will also serve to stimulate us into some kind of action.  I won’t talk about real fear…..there would be no point in that.  We all know what to do if someone threatens us, or if we see an unfriendly dog approaching.  Or we know that we are going to get some bad news that there isn’t anything that we can do anything about.  These kind of situations will in themselves cause an instinctive “fight or flight” response from us…and Nature will take its course.  Here’s hoping you always have a pleasant outcome  of events. 

     What I’d like to talk about today are the things that people “perceive” as the threat, or the pain, or the evil that is headed their way.  And some of the things that they will do avoid dealing with their fear.  I am guilty of most of these things myself in all the years I’ve been on this planet, so I speak of which I know.

Fear of Committment:  Not just of relationships, but even the simple things as in: saying you are willing to contribute some time or effort to a charity event or something to do with your kid’s school.

We will slyly look away from the person asking for our help (quickly pulling something out of our “excuse bag” saying we have other commitments, or family obligation.  Work has been overwhelming lately and we just don’t have the time. Whatever it takes to get out of donating the time or effort.  This response is usually followed up by whipping out the checkbook or purse and asking how much they can contribute monetarily.

Fear of picking up the Phone:  Oh my God how hard this one is.  So, some time has passed and you haven’t spoken to someone in so long, and you are afraid you will have to spend hours catching up with someone.

So, we put it off, and put it off until we hope that we will just forget.  That rarely happens.  Especially if the person has meant something to us.  And maybe they call, you see it’s them on the caller ID and you avoid it.  Maybe you are busy at the moment and promise yourself that you will call back later.  But you don’t.  And you feel guilty.  Eventually both parties will forget, but isn’t it a shame that just a few minutes here and there could keep you in touch?

Fear of not being part of the “cool kids”:  I have seen this one happen more times than I care to remember.  This is one of the few that I can honestly say I haven’t been guilty of.  But some will go along with things that they know are not true, spread gossip that is not based on anything other than someone else’s jealousy just to stay in good with people that they think can help them somehow.

These folks will go along with the jokes, or the half-truths and act like stooges rather than stand up to the bully or the liar.  I can’t imagine what that feels like inside when your integrity gets eroded away a little at a time, just so you can be considered part of a crowd.  How very sad that there is so little backbone to go around.

     When people are afraid, they do really stupid things.  They make up stories, compounding lies, all in a desperate effort to avoid the truth.  Most fear is a feeling based on something that we only “think” will happen.  Our reations are the mechanism that we train ourself to deal with fear.  So, if someone’s reaction to their fear or jealousy is to  lie or avoid the truth that become part of their character. 

The first lie is hard, but as your character erodes, it becomes easier.  The hard part is keeping up with the lies. 

The first truth is also hard, especially if there are consequences for standing up and telling that truth.  But as your character becomes stronger, telling the truth becomes easier.

Don’t be afraid.  Don’t let fear make you do the wrong thing. Remember, “Fear is temporary, Regret is forever”.




  ALL of us are guilty at one time or another of “selective” hearing.  Sometimes it comes from hoping or wanting to hear someone tell you what you want to hear.  If you have been hoping for good news, or waiting to find out something bad; the way we “listen” can determine the outcome of what we hear.

     How many times have you gotten something wrong, and yet swore that you had heard it the way it was meant?  On the other hand; how many times have you explained something to someone, only to find out later that they had not understood it the way you meant?  In today’s world of instant communication, and social media we have a greater than average chance of the message being screwed up.  And sometimes, no matter what we do to try to fix it, the damage is done and lives are affected.  

     Ever told someone  you “wanted to be just friends” and they heard, “we will be friends now and more later”?  You know what you meant, but they heard what they wanted to hear.  Ever been texting someone and what you’ve said (trying to be brief) has been misinterpreted and your day has gone to hell in a handbasket because of it?  Chatting online with someone and they read the wrong thing into it?  And all at once, you find yourself staring at a closed chat window?  I can’t begin to count the number of times that has happened to me.  And it’s all because our feelings, and our body language, as well as the inflections in our voice don’t come through when we are typing or texting.  I have been told that I write the same way that I talk.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but I’d like to think that at least I make myself clear.  But even that doesn’t happen with the regularity that I would like.  Many times I’ve been sent messages from people  I was sure really knew me, and my intentions, saying that I had somehow hurt their feelings, or made them angry.  I was sure that I had taken care to say what I meant, re-read it to be sure, sent it and felt good about it, only to be told I had been mean or nasty. 

     I come from the computer age where the first computer that I had was when I was well into my 30’s.  It was a small Mac and I was using AOL 2.5 or something like that.  A LONG time ago.  Back when they had (probably still do, I don’t know) chat rooms where you met and talked with people.  It was awesome.  I met someone there that I ended up spending 4 years with.  On the other hand, the internet was also one of the causes of the breakup of that relationship.  Because I was able to connect with someone I knew from back “in the day” and we re-connected through  So, there is good and bad with all the social media.  But it still all comes down to the human element.  And how we view and listen to the things we are “told”.  Told meaning….written to or spoken to.

     For me, it all boils down to this:  Right and Wrong are black and white.  The grey area is where interpretation takes place.  This is where the message gets lost or screwed up.  How we justify what we hear, or what we do is based on our belief in right and wrong.  What comes from one person to another is based solely on the frame of reference and core beliefs that the speaker has.  How we hear what is said is based on our core beliefs.  If you believe the glass is half full, you will try to see the good in what is said.  If you believe the glass is half empty; you may think that everyone is out to get you, and do you harm.  And if you are like me, you will look to see if there is ice in there, because that will mean I need to take a closer look at that glass….LOL

Keep an open mind, and an open heart.  But keep your hand on the doorknob !



     I am supposed to be doing a writing assignment for the Red Headed Riter on Thursday.  But her Father just passed away, and I’m sad for her in that regard, and the writing assignment had to do with my ideal bedroom and how it would look; and that just doesn’t interest me today.  So, I thought I’d take a “saying” or popular cliché’ and talk about it.  Today’s is:

“Never make someone a priority in your life, when you are nothing but an option in theirs.”

     We’ve all seen this one and it’s rung true for us all from time to time.  I tried to do a little research on the origin of the phrase and found out that most think it was written by a woman about a man, when really it was the other way around.  Or so my research told me.  Man or woman, it’s still a very powerful thought.  How many times in our lives have we devoted time, energy, money, emotions and maybe our own personal well-being into trying to make someone love us?  Or care about us?  Or even just notice us?  How many dumb things have you done in school to make the pretty girl, or popular boy want to ask you out?  When dressing in the morning; did you do something special just because you knew that person’s favorite color, or style?  If if “baby shit yellow” made you look like a walking corpse, if you knew that so in so liked it….you wore it proudly.

     How many nights did you sit by the phone waiting for it to ring?  At least today, you can at least leave the house and take your cell phone with you.  Today’s generation has no idea how much of our lives were given up sitting by the old land line.  I can remember a terrible crush I had on a guy in high school.  He didn’t know I was alive.  But I would go home from school, and clean up and try to look nice.  Then I would walk about 2 miles and sit behind some bushes on the side of a street that I knew he had to pass on his way home in the afternoon.  When I would hear his motorcycle coming down the street I would just “accidentally” be walking on the side of that street so I could wave to him.  He was the best friend of a guy that I knew so sometimes he would actually stop and talk for a couple of minutes.  That would make my week.  Finally, after this going on for a while he asked me why I was in that part of the neighborhood; especially since he knew where I lived.  I blurted the truth out.  I said that I was always there, just hoping to get a glimpse of him as he rode by.  He looked at me funny and then left.  I suppose he found another way home, cause I didn’t see him anymore after that.

     Later in life after a big breakup with a guy that I was with for 4 years, I fell head over heels for a guy.  This has only been a couple of years or so ago.  I was crazy about him.  He wasn’t working.  Was living at home taking care of his Mom.  I’d come up with all kinds of things for us to do just so I could be with him.  For him, it was just a bootycall thing.  But not to me.  I did everything I could think of in hopes that he’d feel the same way about me that I did him.  I can still remember the day that he told me that he’d met someone who he wanted to see if it would work out for them.  I played the good friend.  I was supportive and wished him the best.  The whole time he was talking,  all I could hear was the pounding of blood in my ears as my heart broke.  Right then and there I swore that I would never be at the mercy of someone again.  And guess what?  I’ve still managed to do it.  In different ways for different reasons.  Friends have left me hanging, not bothering to keep up with the responsibilities that come with any kind of relationship.  Employers have done it.  Taking kindness for weakness and putting me on the backburner.  But, as in all things….a lesson was learned.  I’m getting pretty good with heart bond-o.  I just patch the hurt up and go for it again.  I never want to become callous and un-feeling.  I try very hard not to be the one that “forgets” the other person and their feelings.  I’m not perfect, but I do try.  A very wise friend that writes her own blog says it best:

               Victim is NOT a good Look  !!!      Right on Grace.



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