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So…..You like Trump

Posted on: March 18, 2016

I get it.  I really do.  I have many friends that like Mr. Trump.  I’d like to share with you why I don’t.  It’s in no way my attempt to sway anyone’s opinion, but a way to let you know that maybe you aren’t thinking everything through for why you support him.

When I say that I “get it”.  I really do.  I’m just like you in many ways.  Tired of the corruption in Washington.  Sick of being told that my voice doesn’t matter.  Angered about the fact that it only seems like the elites just want my money, and don’t give me any results that make my life better.  I’m with ya gang !  Here’s the problem.  And I think this is why Donald has such an appeal with so many.

Life is so busy.  We don’t have the time to really expend the capital or the energy to fully participate in the process that runs this country.  We leave that to the people that we elect to do it for us.  And they’ve let us down.  They have made promises to get our vote, and then don’t do anything that they’ve promised.  We’ve been betrayed.  And it’s finally come to a head.  This isn’t the first time that this has happened in our country.  Or other countries.  And we’ve seen the revolutions that have taken place when government stops listening to the people.  We are at that point now.  And Washington is finally starting to get worried.  That’s why they are trying to stop Trump.  He was just a joke when he first announced that he was running for the nomination.  And when his campaign started really picking up steam, they thought that he would self-destruct if they gave him enough time.  That didn’t happen either.  But along the way, the people that are true fans of his, have stopped asking for their nominee to give them answers on how he was going to fix the problems in Washington.  Instead, they have just attached themselves to his personality.  And therein lies the danger.

When Trump started his race for the nomination, he picked the topic of Immigration.  And it resounded loudly with all of us.  We’re tired of the illegals that come here, take the low paying jobs, getting free benefits and not paying taxes.  While all of us are working our brains out just to make ends meet.  But that one signature talking point of his, has devolved from what he was going to do about it, to what he’s going to make happen…..maybe.

He got people hooked at a time when they were just looking for someone to be the “strong man” in the room.  He took all of the anger and frustration that the people were feeling and made his own promises.  And the people believed him.  And they relaxed.  Because they felt that he would “take care of it”.  And that is his appeal.  He says he will “handle it”.  He doesn’t tell you HOW.  Just that he will take care of it.  And we’re so busy, we’ve decided to take one more chance and believe in someone.  Because he’s not part of the political class.  Because he doesn’t have his fingerprints on any of the failed policies that have gotten us in this state of mess.

But, please wake up !!  We can’t just have someone that SAYS he will handle it.  He doesn’t give you any specifics on what he’s going to do.  But one thing he makes VERY clear.  And he’s done it time and again throughout his life.  If you attack him, or you say that he is wrong…..he deals with you.  What makes anyone think that if there is something that he doesn’t personally like, i.e. a radio show or publication that doesn’t show him in a flattering light, they won’t be dealt with?  Look at his past.  And not even his distant past.  Just look at what he’s done lately.

And yet, his fans love him.  They are doing the same thing that happened in 1939 with Hitler.  They are tired, and angry and they want results.  And that is exactly what is going to happen with Donald Trump.  At first, it will be great…..and huge…..and we’ll WIN WIN WIN.  But then, we will end up being controlled.

I chose not to let my anger get the best of me.  I’m mad as hell too.  But we have an opportunity to choose someone that will use the Constitution that our country was founded on to make the same changes that Trump is talking about.  But our personal rights and liberties won’t be taken away if we happen to piss off the President.  Have you heard Trump ONCE mention the Constitution?  No you have not.  It’s all about what HE is going to do.  How HE is going to make deals and fix things.  That will not work.  Please put the anger down.  It will be hard.  It’s the glue that holds his whole campaign together.  Don’t let the anger blind you to the fact that you are following an egomaniac.  Please.


3 Responses to "So…..You like Trump"

If Donald Trump is the best the Republican Party can bring to the table, they’re hosed. In past elections he’s participated in, he was always getting kicked to the curb early on and no one was taking him seriously to begin with, given his notoriety thanks to his failing businesses and casinos.

And now, people are taking him seriously; he’s been cleaning up in the primaries and is the current front runner for the Republican nomination, a notion so scary that there’s talk about folks immigrating to Canada if he should somehow manage to win.

I’m not all that worried about Trump; I knew, back when Obama was first elected, that the Republicans didn’t have any viable candidates in the pipeline for 2016 and as much trash talking there’s been about Hilary, well, methinks we’re about to make history again. Still, The Donald is saying things that’s resonating with a lot of people; he’s got more money to campaign with but even though he’s obviously got experience running major corporations, he has no political experience although I’m sure he works at influencing politics… but that’s not the same thing.

People might not like Hilary but I don’t see this country electing someone who doesn’t have any real experience and the bad news for all the Hilary haters is that she’s got that experience and even though I’m a Democrat, I don’t see any of the other contenders in this party derailing Hilary’s ascension to the White House.

So it’s time to sit, wait, and watch what’s going on; nothing will really matter until 02 Nov 16…

Totally agree. I DO like that he is a ‘bully’ in that he doesn’t really care what anyone has to say. He is talking about all of the things we’re all sick and tired of, but he has not given so much as ONE detail as to how he will fix it all. Cruz is my choice, but dang he needs to start taking on some of that bully-ness and be heard. Trump gets all the media attention because of that, if Cruz would start doing it, HE would start getting the attention and then we’d get to hear how he plans to fix this royal mess.

I’ve found that all this pre-election talk is cheap; it’s not that anyone involved doesn’t have a vision or plans to fix our woes and restore us to greatness – it’s really whether or not Congress will allow it to happen or, as a quote I recently read says, “Plans are not actions.” We seem to forget that outside of an Executive Order, a POTUS can’t do squat with approval from Congress; so all the candidate can talk until they can’t breathe about how they’re gonna fix all of this mess but without Congress’s cooperation… And we’ve seen that partisanship is the coin of the realm in Congress… and I think they’ve forgotten that they represent us and not their own (or party’s) interests.

And to see this, all you have to do is look at how many of Obama’s plans got deep sixed by Congress and because he’s a Democrat; his plans just suck because he’s a Democrat and we’ve seen the same behavior when a Republican has held the office but Congress is being ruled by Democrats. The end result? We the people wind up handling the shitty end of the stick because of this rather childish behavior on Congress’s part and the stupid mindsets of both major political parties.

Trump is who he is and his mindset has, in fact, served him well – you don’t earn the kind of loot he has being PC and Mr. Nice Guy; Mr. Cruz is cut from a different cloth; I think Trump’s rhetoric coming out of his mouth sends a really wrong message and more so he’s trying to outplay The Donald and counter his attempts to win the nomination.

And, honestly, I don’t see how he’s gonna be able to do that unless Trump really screws the pooch heading into the RNC.

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